How to style the boyfriend shirt three different ways

/ 2021.03.08 /

how to style the boyfriend shirt

As I’ve grown into my late twenties, the more I have invested in classic pieces for my wardrobe! I used to always buy cheap quality clothing just to have “a new top” or a “different outfit”. Now, I invest in quality timeless pieces that are versatile and will last a... View Article



cheesecake kelowna

It’s February, aka love month! My guest for this month was travel and lifestyle blogger, @loewenlifestyle. I thought what better than for us to review CHEESECAKE! I’ve only ever reviewed one another dessert since I’ve started For the Gram Restaurant Reviews which was creme brulee a couple years ago. The... View Article


The most beautiful waterfalls around Kelowna

bc waterfalls

Who doesn’t love chasing waterfalls?! Here are some beauties around Kelowna you need to check out: (You can also check out my hiking blog as many of these are featured on there as well). Mill Creek Mill Creek is great for families and all skill levels. It’s a 10 minute... View Article


Best plant based restaurants in Kelowna

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kelowna vegan restaurant

Kelowna has made headway in the last few years with offering more plant-based options! Many individuals have shifted to eating a more sustainable plant based diet and I’m proud to say that Kelowna has kept up! It is so great to have so many alternative options. Check out these local... View Article



steak kelowna

To kick off 2021, ‘For the Gram Restaurant Reviews’ is featuring local steak in Kelowna! In the past, you’ll have probably noticed I’ve showcased a lot of vegetarian/vegan items. But, I’ve been receiving requests to highlight steak and wanted to diversify the kind of food I showcase to suit everyone’s... View Article


Year in Review: What I’ve learned in 2020

kelowna blogger

I remember the day so clearly, March 17th. Three days before my birthday. I had just moved into my apartment in February and had an awesome birthday celebration planned with my girlfriends. Things were looking so promising. We were supposed to be going to Eldorado for a fancy brunch buffet... View Article


My most popular blogs of 2020

kelowna blogger

Can you believe 2020 is over?! Today on my Instagram, I shared my top posts of 2020! “Top nine” is a trend where users share their top nine images from this last year. So I thought I might as well share my most popular and highest viewed blogs on StuffwithSvet... View Article


Covid friendly New Year’s Eve Ideas

/ 2020.12.28 / ,

covid new year's eve ideas

We are saying good-bye to 2020, the year of the pandemic! Even though restrictions are in place, that doesn’t mean NYE will be boring! A lot of people are staying in as there is less pressure to go out this year. But if you do choose to go out, please... View Article


Charcuterie Boards

kelowna blogger

Holy moly! It’s the FINAL ‘For the Gram Restaurant Reviews’ of 2020! Where did the time go?! For the month of December, we reviewed some luxurious charcuterie boards! Meat and cheese plates have always been around but now you can go to almost any restaurant and order them – they... View Article


Jenna’s Local Christmas Gift Guide

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kelowna christmas gift guide

Every year, I create a Christmas Gift Guide with a different theme! Last year’s gift guide was a stocking stuffer guide – so fun! This year’s gift guide, I’m rounding up local/small shop gift ideas to encourage my readers to buy and shop locally since everybody was hit hard from... View Article