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First and foremost, I’m going to let you know that I have changed the name (once again) for my monthly food tours! Instead of being called StuffwithSvet Food Tours, it’s now going to be called For the Gram Restaurant Reviews. With me launching my Foodie Tour experience in October, it’s... View Article


Where to get your brunch on in Kelowna

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Do you know what a millennial’s favorite meal of the day is? BRUNCH! And if you know me, brunch time is by far my favorite meal and time of the day…I am the brunch queen! 😉 Let me paint a picture for ya. Imagine sleeping in and and then heading... View Article


Vancouver Island: one of the most beautiful parts of Canada

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Since COVID, travelling internationally hasn’t been an option. If you wish to travel these days, you have to do it locally. How fortunate are we that we have so many beautiful destinations right here in Canada? For the long weekend, Mason and I did a little road trip down to... View Article


Apartment tour + tips for decorating a small space

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As you know, I moved into my own apartment back in February! It was a big step for me to move into my own place as living in Kelowna in a one bedroom is expensive for one person. Living in Kelowna in general is expensive LOL. What do they call... View Article



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For the month of August, we toured around Kelowna tasting one of my ALL-TIME favorite foods. Seriously, I don’t get sick of this food. Sushi!! A lot of you have been suggesting I review sushi for a while and trust me, I had been wanting to do so! We are... View Article



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I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS MONTHS FOOD TOUR! For the month of July, we reviewed ICE CREAM!! And gelato in Kelowna :)))) We finally have been getting that Kelowna Okanagan weather that we all love, so what better than to highlight ice cream?! It’s summer! It’s hot out! We... View Article


Hashtag Strategies for Instagram

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Hello StuffwithSvet readers! Changing it up this week with some Instagram/business tips! Let’s talk hashtags! Hashtags are tricky because Instagram changes all the time and we gotta keep up with it! With hashtags, the goal is for your post to be easily found and on the top of the explore... View Article



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Nothing screams summer like a cold refreshing margarita! For the month of June, my guest judge @lelonigrace and I toured Kelowna trying all kinds of margaritas! It was so nice to be able to go out to the restaurants again since COVID has been lifted – and have a guest... View Article


Black-owned businesses in Kelowna to check out

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In light of the #amplifymelanatedvoices movement, I wanted to put together a list of local black-owned businesses in the Kelowna/Okanagan area. I’ve added their instagram and/or website so you can check them out. I am not an expert on this matter nor do I have listed every black-owned business out... View Article


Greek souvlaki platter

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Hello!!! And welcome to the May StuffwithSvet Food Tour! Yes, I’ve made a name change as I’m switching the focus of my food reviews from being a competition to highlighting the restaurant. Before, I was always picking a “winner” but now, I’m focusing more on showcasing each restaurant. Yes, I... View Article