Ramen Challenge

/ 2020.03.29 /

kelowna food blogger

A common question I’ve been receiving these last few months is “where the best ramen in Kelowna is.” Most of the time when I get asked about Kelowna’s food scene, I know the answer. But with ramen, I actually didn’t know. If you go to the Lower Mainland, there is... View Article


27 things you might not know about me + lessons that I’ve learned so far

/ 2020.03.23 /

kelowna blogger

Friday, March 20th, was my 27th birthday! I am going to share with you 27 things you might not know about me…and some lessons I have learned so far. I’m 5’11. I’m a tall glass of water. Everybody I meet through Instagram is always surprised when they meet me. Instagram... View Article


Banff: A Canadian Gem

/ 2020.03.08 /

kelowna blogger

In last week’s blog, I shared my experience about The Gathering business conference.  If you are interested to review that, click here. The Gathering conference was held in Banff, Alberta!  Banff is a world class destination.  A nature lover’s paradise.  Breathtaking, snow-capped Rocky Mountains, and a quaint but charming, downtown... View Article


The Gathering: an unforgettable experience

/ 2020.03.02 / ,

the gathering banff alberta

I had an opportunity to attend an incredible conference in Banff, Alberta called The Gathering. The Gathering, is a prestigious, three day marketing summit, with leaders from well-known, top “cult” brand companies. Sounds fun, right? It was truly amazing and a bit overwhelming, all at the same time.  You’re trying... View Article


Vegan Poutine Challenge

/ 2020.02.23 /

vegan poutine kelowna

My guest for this food challenge was vegan blogger, @kaitlyndickie. That being said, we had to obviously choose a vegan item to review. I didn’t want do any ol’ boring stereotypical vegan item like a salad or a smoothie, so we choose something fun. Vegan poutine!!! Who doesn’t love poutine?!... View Article


Why it’s so important to live alone at least once in your life

/ 2020.02.17 /

why is it important to live independently

Why it’s so important to live alone at some point in your life: If you’ve been following along stories, you would’ve seen I moved into my own apartment, alone! For the last three years, I had lived in a town house with two girlfriends (which was great). And before that,... View Article


7 activities to do in the Okanagan in the winter

/ 2020.02.10 / ,

things to do in kelowna

I don’t know about you, but I am a big summer person. Beaches, hiking, you name it! Once winter comes, I always struggle with finding activities to do…especially outdoors since it’s cold! Have no fear! You don’t have to be cooped up inside anymore. Here are 8 activities to do... View Article


How to stop being a “people pleaser”

/ 2020.02.02 / , ,

people pleaser blog post

Why do we people please? -you feel responsible for other people -you are constantly apologizing if things aren’t going right -you don’t say no to things -you are unhappy or suffer at the expense of others The list goes on… The answer to why we people please is…we want approval.... View Article


Avocado Toast Challenge

/ 2020.01.26 /

jenna swetlikoff blogger

To start off 2020, we went with Avocado Toast for the #stuffwithsvetfoodchallenge! January signifies a new year, new beginnings, starting over, resolutions, being healthy…etc etc. That being said, I wanted to review something healthier! December we reviewed creme brulee, in the fall we did french onion soup and pumpkin spice... View Article


Cranbrook: A Foodie’s Dream

/ 2020.01.20 / ,

cranbrook bc

After high school, I was very fortunate to obtain a volleyball scholarship. Where did it take me, you might ask??? Well, for 2 years, it took me to the College of the Rockies, in Cranbrook, British Columbia. It was a wonderful experience and to this day, leaves me with fond... View Article