Where to Find the Best Pancakes in Kelowna

Let me take you back to your childhood and highlight some of the best pancakes in Kelowna.

pancakes kelowna

Pancakes bring back such a nostalgic feeling. I grew up with two brothers and I have memories of waking up on the weekend to the smell of my mom making pancakes and my brothers and I racing to see who could eat the most lol.

Traditionally, pancakes are a mix made of flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. The batter is then scooped onto a griddle and made into a big and round fluffy shape. What makes an outstanding pancake though?!

-fluffy: the texture of the pancake is so important. Nobody wants a flat, lifeless pancake! Fluffy is the way to go.

-toppings: toppings for me make or break pancakes. There are so many things you can do: banana, fruit, chocolate, nuts, whipped cream, you name it. The options are endless!

-cooking temperature: you want to make sure the pancake is cooked all the way through. The edges need to be crispy and the middle is not to be too doughy.

Let’s chat about some of the best places to find pancakes in Kelowna!

Diner Deluxe

pancakes kelowna

First off, Diner Deluxe! They served us three buttermilk pancakes with maple brown butter and Canadian maple syrup. What I loved about theirs is that you had OPTIONS with what toppings you wanted to get. I could get my fruit and whipped cream and Amanda could get her bananas and chocolate chips. People love to have choices right! Taste wise, these pancakes were nice and fluffy but a little on the doughy side. The maple brown butter was delish though! All around, it was a pretty good first stop!

Friends of Dorothy

pancakes kelowna

Next up, is an LGBTQ+ bar and lounge called Friends of Dorothy! They served buttermilk pancakes with caramelized apples, oat crumble, brown butter, and a cream cheese frosting. The star of the show was definitely the cream cheese frosting. You can tell it was made in house! These pancakes were definitely on the sweeter side so you would definitely need a sweet tooth to get through these. The actual pancake itself was cooked perfectly. Out of all the restaurants, I would say these pancakes were cooked the best with nice crispy edges. I really enjoyed this unique take on pancakes!

Sunny’s A Modern Diner

pancakes kelowna

Sunny’s Diner is such a cute little spot. What’s neat about their pancakes is that the owner had been using the same pancake recipe since he was seven years old! This definitely came through with the over all taste of the pancakes. They definitely gave you that comfort food/home cooked feeling. The best part about these pancakes for me was the toppings! Their pancakes are served with Love Home Farm maple syrup and butter, Okanagan fruit, and mascarpone. For the day we went, they had rhubarb as their topping. I would’ve never have thought to have rhubarb on top of my pancakes but it proved to be delicious. The mascarpone was also a nice touch as it was lemony and acidic in taste and paired along nicely with the sweetness.

All the pancakes were so delicious and take you right back to when you were a little kid. I loved the options that Diner Deluxe had, the unique take that Friends of Dorothy does, and the elevated toppings that Sunny’s Diner did.

-Jenna xoxo

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