The Best of Kelowna Caesars

Who doesn’t love a Caesar?! It’s the iconic Canadian cocktail favourite consisting of vodka, clamato juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire, ice, celery salt, and a garnish. It’s spicy and savoury all in one sip…mmmm. You can enjoy the Caesar at any time of the day but they definitely make a great brunch or hungover beverage 😉

caesars kelowna

Caesars originate from Calgary, Alberta but have become a very popular drink all across Canada. In America, they have what we know as the ‘Bloody Mary’ which is a similar drink, but made with tomato juice. Caesars on the other hand, are made with clamato juice. Yes, clam juice don’t be scared.

So what makes a bomb Caesar anyway?!

-garnishes: come on, we all come for the garnishes! A lot of pubs will throw on celery salt and a lime wedge and call it a day. Borrrring. I say the more extravagant the garnish, the better! Pickles, cheese, sliders, bacon, pickled vegetables, jerky, you can throw on WHATEVER! Who doesn’t love a snack with their beverage.

-Caesar mix: no, it’s not just clamato juice and vodka. It’s all about the spices and the love you put into your Caesar. Pickle juice, horseradish, any way you can elevate your Caesar will make the difference from a good Caesar to a great Caesar. You don’t want it to taste watered down and clammy.

-alcohol: vodka is most commonly used in Caesars but it can also be replaced with tequila, gin, or even rum. I always go for a vodka based Caesar but to each their poison!

Now that we’ve established what makes a good Caesar, let’s review some of the best in Kelowna:

caesars kelowna

Cantina Del Centro

The Mexican restaurant, called Cantina Del Centro is known for their noteworthy cocktails and authentic Mexican food. We were super excited to try their Caesar…And we were not disappointed! The star of their Caesar was the cornmeal crusted avocado garnish…wow. Other ingredients were the sauza silver, tabasco, worcestershire, horseradish, clamato, house made pickles and brine. I think they definitely hit it on the head with the horseradish. I personally think horseradish belongs in EVERY Caesar. It adds a whole depth of flavour!

caesars kelowna

Krafty  Kitchen  + Bar

Krafty, a funky restaurant, is known for their impressive brunch on the weekends so I was excited to try one of their brunch cocktails.

Wow, their Caesars was one of the most impressive ones I’ve ever seen! Their Caesar consisted of gin, house clamato juice, habanero, beef jerky, and buttermilk fried chicken. FRIED CHICKEN PEOPLE! This was a full on meal! Presentation wise, this beverage was very instagrammable and would impress everybody. Taste wise, I really enjoyed the taste of the chicken and the fresh dill. I did miss a bit of flavour in the actual Caesar, but overall it was very unique and so much fun to try.

Rustic Reel

caesar kelowna

Rustic Reel hosts a super unique event every Sunday: build-your-own Caesars! Every Sunday, they offer a Caesar bar along with their brunch where you can create and customize your Caesar! How fun!! They have an array of toppings to choose from plus some house made hot sauce to add some additional spice. This was super fun to do and very unique from the other stops we went to. I definitely appreciate the customization option for the Caesars.

All in all, all the Caesars were amazing! And it’s really neat to experience the different renditions. I definitely enjoyed them all but overall, I enjoyed the first one the best. Horseradish is always a winner guys!

-Jenna xoxo

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