Bold Statement Pieces You Should Have in Your Wardrobe

Do you get bored of the clothes in your closet?

Fashion trends come and go but fun statement pieces never get old (notice my sick rhyme there ;))

Today in the fashion world, unconventional pieces have become more and more acceptable and on trend. Let me show you five pieces that YOU can spice up your wardrobe with…with help from some of my fav local bloggers!

  1. Fur

If you’re an active follower of mine on Instagram, you’ll have noticed that I invested in a faux fur jacket recently and I LOVE IT. The best part? It keeps me sooo warm in the winter months.

2. Animal Print

Animal print has always been around but it’s SUPER in right now. If animal tones are a new territory for you, start off with something easy like a scarf!

3. Leather Jacket

Not just any leather jacket, but a loud leather jacket! What’s great about them is that you can literally throw them over any outfit and look edgy-chic.

4. Pop of color

Whether it’s a jacket or shoes, something bright and bold is super fun and can instantly spice up a lacklustre wardrobe!

5. One color ensemble

I’ve still yet to own one of these but I’m looking! Whether it’s a jumper or a two piece set, these look SO FIERCE. The key is to find a color that looks amazing on you and you have a winner!

There you have it! These 5 effortless head-turning looks will instantaneously turn your look FIERCE.

Happy Monday babes!!

-Jenna xoxo

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