How to Style Short Hair

If you’ve been following me closely on IG, you would have noticed that a couple weeks back, I CHOPPED MY HAIR OFF! If you know me, this was a BIG deal as I’ve had long hair mostly my whole life.

Let me tell you, the first day I did it, I was half stoked/half on the verge of tears lol. I know what you’re saying, “it’s just hair Jenna”, yes yes I know. Thankfully, short hair is SUPER in right now and my hair feels so much healthier. Nothing like getting rid of those dead ends!

However, having short hair has provided challenges since I had noo clue how to style it without looking like a mom.

Now that I’ve been sporting it for a couple weeks, I’ve finally figured out some fun ways to style it!

Below are three different ways to rock the short hair:

  1. Pin Straight

When it doubt, super straight short hair looks SO edgy I love it! I find when I had straightened long hair, it looked nice but I kind of looked like my high school self. With short hair, it looks so modern and “cool”.

2. Top knot

This is great when the short hair is starting to get a little greasy. Throw the top part of your hair up into a cute little knot or pony and you’re off!

3. Two space buns

I see a lot of celebrities rock this look – especially at Coachella. Think Ariana Grande. I think two buns looks AWESOME with short hair and it’s super trendy.

Hope to see you join the short hair club 😉

-Jenna xoxo

*All photos from this post were shot by One Peak Creative*

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