My fall layering staple you must add to your closet

It’s chilly out. Which means time to bring out the fuuuuur.

Faux fur that is.

I’ve really gotten into wearing faux fur. I bought a faux fur jacket at the end of last winter and just invested in a faux vest at the beginning of this fall season.

Let me tell you why you need one:

  • They are soft

Have you ever touched a faux fur coat? The texture of them are so soft – the vest I just purchased feels like a pillow. Who doesn’t like wearing cozy clothing?!

  • They are warm

I get cold super easily. I always struggle dressing for fall and winter because I feel I can never find cute pieces and be warm. But that’s where it stops with faux fur! They are incredibly warm but still fashionable.

  • They are trendy

There are many different styles and colors. And they’re very versatile! Below are different ways you can style them.

Even though these pieces aren’t real fur, faux fur still isn’t cheap. And typically I don’t like to spend a lot on trendy pieces since they can go out of style as quick as they came into style. But fur is considered “outer wear” as they can substitute for a coat or a winter jacket. And as I mentioned, they are such a versatile piece that you can dress up or down.

Make faux fur a part of your wardrobe!

-Jenna xoxo

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