My Top Photo Poses that Work for Everyone

Feel awkward in front of the camera and need posing ideas? HOLLA AT YO GIRL.

I’ve been super excited to talk about this topic because I feel like we ALL WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWER. Including myself! And I used to be a fashion model so posing in front of the camera was a daily routine for me.

We all take photos. Whether you’re a blogger, a model, or just any regular person trying to take a good damn photo lol, you want to know how to pose. I get it, you can look like a million bucks in person, but then when you take a photo, it doesn’t always transfer over. Soo frustrating! I’ve been there. We’ve ALL been there.

I filmed a small segment for you visual learners! You can see what these poses look like in real life.

If you want to skip the vids and go straight to written content, scroll down. Enjoy!

Here are my top photo poses that work:

  1. The Wall Lean – Leaning up against a wall, a garage, in an alley, against a cool backdrop, whatever. I always throw one leg up and arch my back. What I love about this pose is that it’s super laid back and doesn’t look like you’re trying to pose – which is the key.

2. Using Your Hands aka THE GRAB
– One of the most awkward things is knowing what to do with your hands. But instead of viewing it as an nuisance, use it to your advantage. I mean, we have two of them right? The key is to use them as PROPS. I.e. if you have a great coat on, throw your hands in your pockets. Touch your shoulder, touch your hair, your arm, your scarf, whatever I don’t care! Just do SOMETHING 🙂

3. The Celebrity Pose
– I learned this particular pose from female celebrities. If you watch celebrities pose on the red carpet, most of them use this same pose – working the legs. They cross their legs one in front of the other. This is great especially when you’re wearing a dress and your legs are bare. Crossing them tightens them up and makes them look toned and elongated which looks great in a photo.

4. Over the Shoulder
– This is so easy and always looks good. Stand backwards or sideways and look back at the camera over your shoulder. If you want to take it up notch, the drape over the shoulder is great too. Slightly pulling down your top to expose your shoulder so your skin is showing. You’re basically flirting with the camera lol. Another level you can take this to is throwing in a bit of a hair flip as you’re looking back. This always creates some candids.

5. ANGLES – You will rarely see me take a photo straight on. A lot of the time, getting photographed from straight on isn’t the most flattering. I’m always angling my waist and hips. Google bikini competitors and check out how they stand. Obviously they’re exaggerating it but see how they’re facing sideways and twisting their body. Check out this picture of myself here. My body is facing more sideways but I’m twisting myself to still face forward with my hand on the hip to define my waist.

 Stairs/Sitting – Sitting adds some dimension. You don’t have to worry about doing much here because the stairs automatically make the photo more interesting because there’s more to look at. The only tip I have with this one is making sure your feet are staggered. Play around with your legs and your arms and you’ll get a great photo.

7. The Look to the Side
– When in doubt, if you’re panicking and have no clueee what you’re doing whether you don’t know where to look or if you should smile or smize, LOOK TO THE SIDE PEOPLE. I am guilty of this one cause let’s be real, I’m an awkward person. Look to the side and smile, or just look off in the distance. Let your body and your outfit do all the work.

8. Walking
– Last but not least, if you’re feel adventurous, try out a walking photo. In most cases you don’t actually walk, especially if you don’t have a skilled photographer. Just taking a single step and rocking back and forth mimicking walking can really show off your outfit and elongate your body.

There you have it! These are all my go-to poses that are simple, and make you look good in a photo. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email or send me a DM on Instagram.

What are your go to poses?!

-Jenna xoxo

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