Why Every Woman Should Own a Bodysuit

Happy Tuesday loves! Normally, blog posts come out on Mondays so forgive me for being a day late.

Ladies, this post is for you. I’ve been wanting to do a post on this topic for a while. I swear by a good body suit and strongly recommend every woman own one! Let me tell you why!

What is a body suit first of all?

A body suit resembles a leotard or a one piece bathing suit. Some body suits are designed to be more “sexier” like lingerie. Some are more for every day wear.


The great thing about bodysuits is that they’re so versatile – they come in so many different styles. Some have super low backs, some are long sleeves, some are mesh, the possibilities are endless!


The commonality that body suits share is that they’re all one single piece of clothing – which is great because it will never become untucked out of your pants. For example, if you’re wearing some high waisted pants, wearing a body suit with it gives it a nice smooth, seamless look. You won’t ever have to worry about readjusting or dealing with any “nip slips”. If you’re bending over, you don’t have to worry about your bum showing LOL, everything stays in tact.


No matter what shape or size you are, body suits look flattering on EVERYBODY. Something about them, especially a black one, makes your body look so slimming. Bodysuits have such a smoothing effect that keeps everything in the right place. Whether you’re layering it under a blouse or just rocking it on it’s own, there’s really no way you can make it look wrong.

Is there a con?

The only downside to wearing a bodysuit is yes, if you need to go pee you have to go through the pain of taking the WHOLE thing off. Who wants to do that? Not me. BUT. This is a little tip I have. When purchasing a body suit, buy one where there are buttons at the crotch area so can just pop them open, do your business, and snap it back together. Easy peasy!

I personally own at least 10 body suits, I just LOVE them and they are my go to if I need something nice to wear in a pinch.

What is your go-to article of clothing?

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