5 places to eat in West Kelowna

Let’s talk food in West Kelowna!

I know everybody wants to know where to eat in Kelowna, fair! Same! But we can’t leave West Kelowna out of the picture.

west kelowna restaurants

Mason lives in West Kelowna so I’m there quite regularly. A lot of the time we’ll make the trek into Kelowna to go out to eat or grab take out, but sometimes on a Friday night, we don’t want to travel far and prefer staying in the Westside. So where to go?!

I’m going to share with you my top 5 places I personally love!

  1. Kojo Sushi – The most common food we get when we eat out is sushi. Kojo is a cafe-style restaurant with super tasty sushi and ramen! And their staff is incredibly friendly!

kojo west kelowna

2. 19 Okanagan – If you want something that’s a little more of a sit down and upper scale for West Kelowna, check this place out. 19 is attached to Two Eagles Golf Course – their patio is great in the summer!

19 okanagan

3. Kaiso – This is a Japanese and Thai food joint! Sounds like a weird mix but these guys know what they’re doing. They have a great green curry that’s super hearty and warm. This is our go to take-out spot.

kaiso west kelowna

4. Pepper Pot – This is a Mama Papa breakfast and lunch restaurant! If you go here on the weekends it’s always packed but worth the wait.

pepper pot west kelowna

5. Bamboo Chopsticks – Super yummy pho and Vietnamese food. If I’m craving a big bowl of soup, I will come here for their lemon grass pho.

bamboo chopsticks west kelowna

Bonus: Keklui Cafe – I didn’t want to add this to the list as we don’t “dine out” here. BUT they have an amazing pastry called a “bannock” that is so so good if you want a treat or a snack. Best to go first thing in the morning or they will sell out!

Bonus: This doesn’t count as Westside, but sometimes we’ll make the trek to Peachland for Chinese food at Dragon Lotus! I don’t love Chinese but I’ll get it from Dragon Lotus!

There we have it! Next time you’re in West Kelowna and want to check out a good restaurant – check out any of these places and you’ll be pleased!

-Jenna xoxo

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