My Key Lime Pie Recipe that almost tastes as good as the one at Cactus Club

One of my most popular blogs on StuffwithSvet is this one. My famous key lime pie recipe!

The key lime pie from Cactus Club is one of my all time favorite desserts. Did you know that their chefs hand squeeze over 50 limes in each of their pies? My mouth is watering thinking about it. Something about the tartiness and the whip cream makes a fabulous dessert.

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So a few years ago for my birthday, I decided I wanted key lime pie as my “birthday cake” or “dessert”! I’m not a huge cake person but enjoy key lime pie; so my mom and I decided to make our own rendition. I swear by the moon that this one tastes almost IDENTICAL to Cactus Club‘s. I’ve had it every year for my birthday since then and have gotten other people hooked on it too! That being said, this doesn’t mean I’ll stop going to Cactus Club for theirs, but if you want to try make it at home, this one is super easy to make AND delish! I’ve never met somebody who hasn’t liked this dessert!

You can check out my recipe below and also head to my “Key Lime Pie” highlight on Instagram to watch me make it.

Key Lime Pie Recipe:

Preparation 45-60 minutes

Cooking 45 minutes

Chilling 6 hrs or overnight

Servings 8



-1 1/4 cups (310ml) graham cracker crumbs

-1/4 cup (60ml) unsalted butter, melted

-3 tbsp honey, melted


-1 cup (250ml) lime or key lime juice (I used 10 organic regular limes)

Tip: Put limes in microwave for 30 seconds and it’ll make it easier to get more juice out of them.

-2 tbsp (30ml) cornstarch

-1 can 300ml sweetened condensed milk

-grated zest of 1 lime (or grated zest of 6 key limes)

-2 tbsp (30ml) whipping cream

-2 eggs

Whipped Cream

-1 3/4 cups (430ml) whipped cream

-sprinkle sugar on whip cream to garnish depending on how sweet you like (up to 1/4 cup sugar)

-grated zest of 1 lime (optional)

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  1. With the rack in the middle position, preheat the oven to 180 °c (350°F)
  2. In a bowl, combine all the ingredients. Press into a 23-cm (9-inch) lightly greased pie plate. Bake for about 10 minutes. Set aside.

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3. In a saucepan (off the heat), mix lime juice and cornstarch with a whisk. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring and scraping the bottom of the pan, until it thickens. Pour filling into crust. Refrigerate for about 6 hours or overnight. The “key” for the pie (can I call this a pun? ;)) is for it to be completely cooled. I personally think it tastes better after sitting overnight, but you can still serve the day of!

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Whipped Cream

4. In a bowl, beat the cream with an electric mixer until stiff peaks form.

5. Spread whipped cream on top of pie just before serving. Garnish with sugar and lime zest.

And that’s it! Easy peasy am I right?

kelowna blogger

And that’s it! Enjoy and tag me in your IG stories if you’ve made it!

-Jenna xoxo

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