One Big Table: A Local Gem

Have you heard of One Big Table?

It was a crisp fall day and I thought I would check out a grocery store in downtown Kelowna that I had never heard of. I noticed their tagline of “Eat Local. Everyday” and right away I was intrigued. Being a Kelowna native and regular eater-outer, I thought I knew all the best food spots Kelowna had to offer and all the “hole-in-the walls”. Boy was I wrong.

One Big Table is different. It’s not only a grocery store that offers a great selection of locally sourced ingredients, it’s also a cafe and catering company!

They provide all the staples such as milk, eggs, vegetables, grains as well as many other unique products. I love following them on Instagram to see the daily products they feature. The best part, everything is fresh and from local farms and suppliers.

Walking into One Big Table for the first time, I was instantaneously greeted by the friendly staff. I was offered samples of cheeses and cured meats that had arrived that day. Their focus is community which I love. Walking into their shop is an experience. Unlike other grocery stores, you’re not in and out with your head down. The staff working at One Big Table make the effort to strike up conversation and ask your name.

The shop possesses an incredible menu of unique dishes everyday. Local espresso based beverages are also available for the coffee drinker.

I indulged in one of the best poutines I’ve ever had for lunch one day. And did I mention it was vegan?

One Big Table is super accommodating to dietary restrictions such as vegans and celiacs. Vegan coconut yogurt and gluten free waffles are some great examples of the items they carry. The vegan poutine I had was the epitome of comfort food!

That being said, meat eaters alike are just as satisfied with their selection of locally sourced poultry and meat.

Another stand out is One Big Table‘s charcuterie boards. Back in December, they catered my wine tasting event with a beautifully labelled charcuterie board! I love the rustic piece of wood they displayed the decadent cheeses and meat on. I paired it with some great Okanagan wine and it was a hit with my guests!

Now that I’m exposed to places like One Big Table, I’ve realized how important it is to not only support your local community, but to participate in it. Just as One Big Table does.

Follow One Big Table on their website, Facebook, and Instagram to see their amazing products. There is something here for everyone.

-Jenna xoxo

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