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Welcome to FTGRR for the month of April!

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Since the last time we did reviews, circumstances changed due to the new COVID restrictions. We were going to go a completely different route this month but then indoor dining closed and restaurants were forced to shut down! However, patios were deemed allowed. Even though this was implemented at the end of March, Kelowna patios adapted quickly and opened up whatever patio space they could despite the cold weather. So we shifted gears and decided to review BREWERY PATIOS.

To remind you, we were actually going to cancel this month of reviews but you guys had a point that it was so important to help businesses anyway we could right now. And you were right! I’m so glad we did so thank you for that.

My guest judge this month was Mark aka @themarkdshow. We went to three different Kelowna breweries and sat on their patio, rain or shine. A fun fact about the breweries in Kelowna: did you know that Kelowna has the most breweries per capita in Western Canada? That’s right! Breweries have been popping up left and right in Kelowna! Such a great idea to hop on a bike, rollerblade, or whatever you please and go brewery hopping.

Traditionally when we review, we focus on a specific item but because of the circumstances this month, we decided to just exclusively highlight the establishment and sample a flight of beer and a bar snack.

Let’s review where we went!

Barn Owl Brewing

kelowna brewery

Our first stop was in the Lower Mission at Barn Owl Brewing, a brewery in a 1920’s heritage barn! We obviously couldn’t dine inside this time round, but it is such a unique and cool space. I highly recommend you checking it out when restaurants re-open. Nevertheless, their patio is covered and heated so we were toasty and still got to enjoy the experience. Barn Owl has a large selection of beers to choose from, my personal favorite being the raspberry wheat ale. For bar snacks, we indulged in a cheese bun, pretzel, and chips and pico de gallo all sourced from local restaurants. We really enjoyed our time and would definitely recommend to anyone!

Shoreline Brewing

kelowna brewery

Our second stop was at Shoreline Brewing across from Gyro Beach! The great aspect about this brewery is that it’s literally right across from the beach. Perfect for coming for a cold one after a warm day at the beach! Shoreline’s patio is large and heated, not covered, but perfect for catching the sunset. We came on a Tuesday so we got to indulge in their ‘Taco Tuesday’ and try each of their tacos: Korean pork belly, BBQ jackfruit, and baja fish tacos. For the beer, they also have quite a selection to choose from. My favorite was the “find your peach” wheat ale. I loved that Shoreline has a lots of food options available. The beer and the tacos paired so well together and we enjoyed our time once again. Definitely check this place out this summer!

Red Bird Brewing

kelowna brewery

Our third stop for breweries was at Red Bird Brewing! Red Bird is a cozy little brewery in Downtown Kelowna. They have a small patio out front but they’ve expanded and have a covered area to the right of it. They’re also expanding even more and will be opening up more space at the end of the year!

WhatI loved about Red Bird’s beer is that their names are historical to Kelowna. I.e. “Lady of the Lake” and “The Tomb Stout”. Their food was also outstanding! Mark got the Farmers Bowl and I got the Holy Guacamole Smokie. We were so impressed by the gourmet food as you don’t always see a lot of food options at breweries. I highly recommend you come try out their new menu!

This wraps up this month of reviews! As the restrictions are still in tact as of now, we will probably have to adjust next month’s reviews once again. Thank you all so much for tuning in and remember, make sure to check out these patios! Restaurants need us more than ever during this difficult time.

See you next month!

-Jenna xoxo

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