For the month of July, we reviewed ICE CREAM!! And gelato in Kelowna :))))

We finally have been getting that Kelowna Okanagan weather that we all love, so what better than to highlight ice cream?! It’s summer! It’s hot out! We all want and crave ice cream and gelato 😀

kelowna ice cream

My guest judge for this month was Laurence of @fleurichcreations. We toured all around Kelowna trying all the local ice cream and gelato. Kelowna has actually popped up with some new places in the last couple years so I was excited to share with you all if you weren’t aware.

So what are we looking for in great ice cream or gelato anyway?

-natural ingredients – no artificial tasting flavors or ice cream that is way too sweet, yuck!

-creamy – the creamier the better! Smooth, soft and melt in your mouth is the best.

-no ice particles – you don’t want your tongue to burn or tasting like freezer burn! Sand paper ice cream is a no go.

Now to show you where we went! For the record,  two of the stops were gelato, and one was ice cream. Let’s begin 🙂

QB Gelato & Cafe:

kelowna ice cream

Our first stop was QB Gelato in the Landmark District! They hand craft their gelato right in house and make it fresh every single day. Their location is convenient as it’s right in the centre of Kelowna so anybody can drive there. They do serve other food such as sandwiches, soups, and grab and go items, but gelato is their speciality. Laurence got the more chocolately flavors and I picked the more cheesecake/fruitier flavors. Omg you guys it was so good! Some of the best gelato I’ve ever had. We had the opportunity to speak with the owners and you can tell they put so much love and passion into what they do. You are literaly knocked in the face with the flavors you get! All their flavors are sourced locally e.g. their coffee flavor is sourced from Bright Jenny Coffee here in Kelowna. They also have the option to get some of their flavors to go. Definitely recommend hitting this place up if you’re visiting Kelowna!

Amore Mio:

kelowna ice cream

Our second stop was another gelato place, Amore Mio! This is fairly new to Kelowna’s downtown but has become increasingly popular! They also serve coffee, breakfast, and more but their main feature is their gelato (duh 😉 ). One of the standouts for their gelato are how many vegan flavors they offer. Although all the places we visited had dairy free options, Amore Mio had the most to choose from! So if you are vegan, you will be well taken care of here. I was pleased to hear that this Italian joint also makes their gelato in house! Laurence got all dairy free flavors this time and I got one dairy free flavor, and one regular. I definitely noticed a difference in texture in terms of it not being as creamy as our first stop, but this could be because of the particular flavors we got. That being said, Amore Mio also source a lot of their ingredients, the peach flavor for example tasting exactly like a peach!


kelowna ice cream

Our last stop was an ice cream shop, Parlour! Parlour is also a hot spot in downtown Kelowna and is the only place in Kelowna handcrafting premium ice cream on site. Every time I drive by this place there are line-ups out the door! They also harvest their ingredients locally e.g. their bourbon flavor uses the bourbon from Okanagan Spirits. What I love about Parlour is that they carry such unique flavor profiles. One of their flavors is a lavendar flavor ice cream (sourced from Kelowna Lavender farm). Who would’ve thought lavender ice cream would be amazing?! They also have ice cream ready to go for take home, it’s a win-win!

SADLY, that brought us to the end of our ice cream/gelato tour. Honestly guys, holy a;d#^dfjadslj; were they all so good. You cannot go wrong with any of those places. I am so happy that Kelowna has these great options for LOCAL ice cream. Not just one option, but three!

Thanks for tuning in and we will see you guys next month! Happy ice cream eating 😀

-Jenna xoxo

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