So you want to know where the best Laksa soup in Kelowna is?

Well let me tell you. These last couple weeks I conducted a fun challenge. The #stuffwithsvetlaksachallenge. I tried 4 different laksa soups in Kelowna and brought you guys along to decide which laksa was the best. Let me refresh you where I went.

  1. Mad Mango – The first laksa I ever tried in Kelowna was Mad Mango. To me, Mad mango is the OG laksa because they’ve been around for a while. I love their broth so much and how hearty their soup is. For the longest time, I wouldn’t try anywhere else because I loved theirs the best. However, over time I have noticed that they have started to put less and less vegetables and meat, I think if you’re lucky you get four pieces of chicken in the soup and the rest is broth. Gimme more veg and chicken!!
  2. Basil Leaf – Then I tried Basil Leaf. This one was very good. I love how the tofu is crispy and that there are a ton of veggies. They also give you a whole egg! The only negative I have here is that the chicken is a teeny bit rubbery which I don’t love.
  3. Yamato – Yamato’s is quite different from the other laksas that are out there in Kelowna. Their broth is very coconut-y. I personally like coconut but if you’re not a coconut lover, you might not love that aspect. The big positive for this one is that they use real chicken! My critique would be that the noodles really stick together and that there are cucumbers in the soup. I love cucumbers but to me, cucumbers seem super random in a laksa. And the tofu is quite spongey, I prefer it to be crispier. Overall, a super warm and comforting soup!
  4. Fresh Box – Fresh Box is very similar to Basil Leaf’s so also a top contender. I love that the tofu are small little bite sized pieces. Decent amount of vegetables. Only give half an egg and if you want other proteins you have to order it while most laksas, all the proteins already come with it (chicken, prawn, tofu).

There we have it. 4 different laskas in Kelowna. Though all are very good, if I had to pick one…….


Basil Leaf is the winner!

Congrats to Basil Leaf on a wicked Laksa, though all the laksas are great.

Stay tuned next time for my next food challenge.

-Jenna xoxo

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