Nothing screams summer like a cold refreshing margarita!

For the month of June, my guest judge @lelonigrace and I toured Kelowna trying all kinds of margaritas! It was so nice to be able to go out to the restaurants again since COVID has been lifted – and have a guest judge!

kelowna restaurants

A margarita is a cocktail that typically has tequila, lime juice, and some other additives with a salted rim. The classic way is served on the rocks, but it can also be blended.

What do I think makes a good margarita?

-high quality tequila – a lot of restaurants cheap out on the type of tequila or have the drink watered down. A proper margarita should have high end tequila.

-freshly squeezed lime juice – fresh lime juice is the secret ingredient in any margarita

-the additives – kosher salt rimming the glass, jalapeno, cucumber or other additions depending what flavor of marg, and potentially other type of liquor such as triple sec

Let’s check out where we went!

El Taquero

kelowna restaurants

The first restaurant we went to was El Taquero! I’ve talked about El Taquero before on my blog as they have amazing mexican food! Check it out here. They also were featured as part of my fish taco tour last summer which you can check out here.

El Taquero have many margaritas to choose from, but we went with their most unique one – hibiscus! This was more of a sweet margarita. It had a sugared rim, was purple in color, and served over ice. Even though it was on the sweeter side, I found it wasn’t too overwhelming which was nice! I don’t like drinks that are too too sweet but this was a good balance of sweetness. There’s no where else in Kelowna that serves hibiscus margaritas either so I thought this was impressive that they offer this flavor.


kelowna restaurants

Fernandos is a Mexican bar/restaurant in downtown Kelowna which also has lots of margaritas to choose from. However, I had to go with their famous avocado margarita (otherwise known as number 34, its other name). Their avocado margarita is blended, not on the rocks. It’s a pretty light green color and is so smooth and creamy. The ingredients consisted of tequila, triple sec, lime, avocado, and cilantro. I’ve been drinking this margarita for years and have introduced many people to it, even people that don’t particularly like avocado. That’s how good it is! Texturally, it reminds me of a smoothie and is so easy to drink. Definitely a margarita to drink on a patio.


kelowna restaurants

Our last stop was at Micro Bar and Bites! They only have the one margarita to choose from which is a classic lime margarita. Fun fact, their margarita is unique as it’s stirred, not shaken like most margaritas! It is also part of their happy hour menu so it’s a good price. In terms of the taste, the marg was delicious as it was so refreshing and just your classic lime margarita. In terms of presentation, they have the salted rim and a decorative flower. It’s also a 2oz drink so you can definitely taste the tequila – but it’s nice because it’s a high end tequila! You can also really taste the fresh lime.

This concluded the tour!

To wrap up, I thought all the margaritas were delicious! They were all so different and unique in their own way. Leloni’s favorite was Micro’s classic margarita. I couldn’t decide haha! It totally depends what you’re in the mood for whether you want something sweet or something blended, or the classic.

All are crowd pleasers. Try them out!

See you in July for my next #stuffwithsvetfoodtour!


-Jenna xoxo


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