To kick off 2021, ‘For the Gram Restaurant Reviews’ is featuring local steak in Kelowna!

steak kelowna

In the past, you’ll have probably noticed I’ve showcased a lot of vegetarian/vegan items. But, I’ve been receiving requests to highlight steak and wanted to diversify the kind of food I showcase to suit everyone’s tastes!

For this month, my guest judge was Britney, the owner of B Indoor Cycle and Strength! We went to three different Kelowna restaurants to try some of the best steak in town! However, steak is a bit of a tricky one to judge as it’s subjective. There are many different characteristics of steak to consider such as the grade, aging, seasoning, cooking method, sides, etc. When one orders a steak, it’s typically followed by a question of “how would you like it cooked?” We all know there are many ways to cook a steak from blue rare to well done. It’s totally preference! For this particular challenge, we always asked our steak to be prepared medium – medium rare for reference.

So what do I personally think makes a great steak?!

-the cut: there are many types of steak cuts such as ribeye, tenderloin, t-bone etc. I prefer a tender piece of steak as it has a nice texture and generally good flavor. A bad cut of steak is really chewy and fatty and isn’t pleasurable to eat.

-seasonings: seasoning is so important! It can take your steak to the next level! Salt + pepper is obviously a must, but if you want to make it even more impactful, herbs, fresh garlic, and maybe a kick of spice like cayenne or red pepper flakes! A steak that is under-seasoned just takes like a big hunk of meat…

-the steak fixings: sides are key! Going out for a steak dinner is a treat and the fixings can make or break it! Mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, salad, sushi, sauces, whatever floats your boat! While the steak is the main attraction, it’s great to have side dishes that complement it!

Now time to get to the MEAT of the blog! Ha, ha get it. Let’s review where we went!

The Modest Butcher

steak kelowna

The first steak dinner we had was absolutely incredible! We started off dining at The Modest Butcher at Mount Boucherie Winery in West Kelowna and wow! We indulged in their spectacular tomahawk steak. If you don’t know what a tomahawk steak is, it’s 32oz of steak that is left with a giant bone left intact. The giant bone definitely gives it a wow factor! Presentation wise, the dish was beautiful. The fixings included mushrooms, broccolini, duck fat potatoes, three different sauces and more! Everything had so much flavor and the meat was cooked to perfection! We were also pleased to hear that the steak was ethically raised. I would highly recommend trying this dish!

West Coast Grill

steak kelowna

Our second stop was West Coast Grill + Oyster Bar at the Prestige Hotel in Downtown Kelowna! You might recognize their other location in Sooke, BC. Both Britney and I had never been before so we were looking forward to trying their steak. The West Coast Grill is primarily known for their seafood, but they do have some great steak offerings. They had three different options for steak to choose from. Britney got their surf and turf and I got their Wild Mushroom New York striploin. Both dishes were accompanied with roasted potatoes and roasted veggies! Taste wise, this steak dinner reminded us more of a “home cooked meal”. It was definitely more of a tougher cut which isn’t personally my favorite (but maybe its yours). The service was fantastic though, and they had a great wine selection! I look forward to coming back to try something else.

Waterfront Wines

steak kelowna

Our third and final stop was at Waterfront Wines, also in Downtown Kelowna! Going to Waterfront Wines has always been a treat for me. It’s been recognized at the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards for “Best Okanagan Restaurant” for the last decade! Very impressive.The flat iron steak was served with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and and bordelaise sauce. It’s quite simplistic in presentation but still elegant! Chef told us that their steak has been on their menu since the beginning and that people specifically come in just for the steak. We were also pleased to hear that Waterfront Wines used local suppliers and producers! I think if you’re going to eat meat, this is super important.

At the end of the day, going out for any steak dinner is always a treat! And as mentioned, there are many different characteristics that can set apart a good steak from a bad steak. All the steaks were great but I would highly recommend you trying Modest Butcher’s Tomahawk! It had that “wow” factor that I always look for on these food reviews. I try a lot of good food so when I come across something at this caliber, I’m going to tell you!

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you in February!

-Jenna xoxo

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