The Best Ice Cream Spots in Kelowna

Nothing screams summer quite like ice cream!

While we are heading into the final weeks of August, there is still plenty of time to get your sweet treat fix. From classic flavours to unique concoctions, you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your sweet tooth which is why I put together this blog post about the best ice cream spots in Kelowna!

where to get ice cream in kelowna

The Best Ice Cream Spots in Kelowna


This is one of the hottest spots in downtown Kelowna and it’s definitely worth the line-ups! They handcraft their premium ice cream on-site and make fresh house-made waffle cones. Plus, they use local ingredients to make their unique flavour profiles like their bourbon flavour from Okanagan Spirits. Check out my reel featuring my most recent visit here.


Moolix has been a Kelowna favourite since 1998. Their handmade waffle cones and 40+ flavours are more than enough reasons to stop in.

La Diperie

La Diperie is new to Kelowna this year! They have so many combinations of ice creams and toppings to try, think pretzels and chocolate in your ice cream! Plus, if you are going out with someone who doesn’t love ice cream, La Diperie has so many other dessert options to choose from such as donuts, milkshakes, and cakes. Check out my reel featuring my most recent visit here.

Amore Mio

This cafe in downtown Kelowna serves authentic Italian gelato made from local BC fruits. If you are looking for more than just a cold treat, they also have a full menu featuring breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Bread Co. (Pandosy location only)

Bread Co. serves house-made gelato with over 10 delicious flavours, three-four of them being sorbet. PLUS, they have mini coolers for you to take it on the go – perfect for days at the beach or out on the boat! Check out my reel featuring their gelato here.

Marble Slab

If you are looking for a comfortable classic, head to Marble Slab! This ice creamery can be found in many Canadian cities, and fortunately Kelowna’s is located right near Gyro Beach. The best part of Marble Slab is all the mix-ins you can add to your ice cream. My go-to is a fruity ice cream with coconut shavings.

Eurobean Coffee Shop

Eurobean is a locally owned Kelowna business that specializes in two of my favourite things, coffee and gelato. If you’re craving an iced latte and gelato, look no further!


Although Tickleberrys is located in Okanagan Falls, it is definitely worth mentioning. Whether you are passing through the area or wanting to go for drive, be sure to checkout this ice cream spot that offers 72 different flavours. They also have a great gift shop, which includes unique flavours of fudge. It’s definitely a destination stop!

where to get ice cream in kelowna bc

I don’t know about you, but I always like to enjoy my ice cream sitting by the lake on a hot summer day! I recently wrote A Guide to Okanagan Lake, which can also give you some inspiration for things to do in the area.

Enjoy checking out some, if not all, of these great ice cream places before the end of summer! 😉

-Jenna xoxo

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