10 things to NEVER apologize for again

If you’re anything like me, we apologize too often. We’re always saying “sorry”. Especially women. Or maybe it’s a Canadian curse?

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Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you that you can never apologize. As an over apologizer, there is a time and place to say sorry! But there are particular things you shouldn’t have to apologize for. Below, I have compiled a list of things you should NEVER apologize for or if you do, never apologize for again.

1. Having boundaries

Having boundaries means you are prioritizing yourself and what is best for you. It is okay to recharge your batteries and take that “me” time.

2. Saying no

Society has encouraged this hustle culture where we have to do everything and say yes to everything. If something doesn’t serve you, say no. We all have limitations and having them is a sign of self-respect.

3. Not agreeing with somebody

We do not need to apologize for honesty. We all eventually grow and change and to dim your voice isn’t right. As long as you disagree with kindness, there is nothing to be intimidated for.

4. Not settling

You know what your true value is and it’s okay to want more. If something is falling short in your life, you’re allowed to ask for better.

5. For taking a break

People need their personal space and to be able to mentally breathe. It varies for each person but everybody needs that time for their own needs every now and again.

6. Asking for help when needed

There are many reasons for this. Pride, ego, judgement, etc. There is nothing wrong with trying to understand something better. We are human and aren’t perfect and being able to admit that is a sign of strength.

7. Being emotional and showing your feelings

People are so quick to call each other sensitive or to pressure them to get over something. This isn’t true. Own your feelings so those around you can understand you.

8. Putting yourself first

There is nothing to apologize for in terms of self-care. How are you expected to put 100% into something if you yourself aren’t 100%.

9. Asking questions when you don’t understand

Take this for an opportunity to learn. To grow. We aren’t born knowing everything and we’ve all been beginners at some point in our lives.

10. Trusting your gut/sticking to your guns even if you can’t explain it

Never apologize for what you truly feel. It is so important to follow your instincts and follow your heart and the people in your life that matter will respect that.

There we have it! The bottom line is that there is a time and place to apologize if you’ve hurt somebody or done something wrong. But apologizing for things that aren’t in our control, self-care, or things that are justified, we don’t need to. Next time you think you need to apologize for something, keep this list in mind!

-Jenna xoxo

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