11 Cheesy Valentine’s Day Ideas

For some people, February 14th is a romantic day with their significant other. For others, it’s a self-care day or a day to hangout with friends. Whether you’re coupled up or single, it’s a day where we can be as extra as we want and say it’s all for “love”.

cheesy valentine's day ideas for you and your significant other! Here is a blonde girl sitting in a hotel bed drinking coffee with a tray of yummy breakfast in bed. She is in comfy clothes and is showing off her blogger lifestyle. This image is included for her blog post, 11 cheesy valentines day ideas!

I have shared some of my favorite cheesy Valentine’s Day Ideas below:

1. eat breakfast in bed

change up your breakfast routine and have breakfast in bed together. Complete the meal with mimosas and lattes!

2. book a stay cation i.e. Sparkling Hill, air bnb, a cottage at a winery

Order room service, take a dip in the hottub, or just have some quality time.

3. recreate your first date or a favorite date you’ve had

What was your first ever date? Go to that same restaurant or do something adventurous you don’t do on a normal day.

4. set up a romantic bubble bath/jacuzzi (rose petals, candles, etc)

CLICHE but it never gets old!

5. have a fondu/chocolate covered strawberries

Who doesn’t love something chocolately 😉

6. couples massage

nothing is more romantic than a massage! Especially with your partner.

7. have an indoor picnic

it’s too cold for an outdoor picnic so not why do it indoors?! Spread out a blanket on the floor and have some wine and dinner!

8. make playlists for each other

choose songs that remind you of different memories together. I love driving in the car with my partner and reminisce about times we’ve had together…it’s crazy how certain songs can tug on the heart strings and give you the feels!

9. have your own photoshoot and come up with fun cheesy captions. Some funny ones are “I only have heart eyes for you” “So happy we both swiped right” “It all started with netflix and chill” “I’m going to spend Valentine’s Day with my true love: food.” LOL

you don’t need to do anything fancy, set your camera on self-timer and have some fun!

10. Go away for a weekend to some hot springs

soak in some beautiful hot springs and relax together.

11. go wine tasting!

many wineries are opened all year round. And many of them will have Valentine’s deals going on!

Go cheesy or go home! Lol. Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Jenna xoxo

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