8 survival tips if you’re not a morning person

Raise your hand if you’re not a morning person! (cough cough me lol). We are in the THICK of fall + winter right now where the days are really short. It doesn’t get light out until 8:00 am and gets dark at 4:00 pm so it feels almost impossible to get up in the morning when it’s that frigid and cold. Especially when Daylight Savings hit!

tips for waking up in the morning

Ever since I was young, I have despised mornings. Ask anybody who knows me! I am dragging myself out of bed in the mornings. Nevertheless, early mornings are inevitable and there are actually a lot of benefits. A lot of people have shown to be more productive in the mornings, it helps you be more disciplined, helps with more energy, and of course, our world runs on early hours.

Below, I have shared my eight survival tips to help you get out of bed if you’re not a morning person:

  1. Organize the night before

This is a big one for me. If I leave it to the morning to have to pick out my outfit, I am screwed. Pick out your outfit the night before while you’re still functioning and then when you wake up, it’s one less thing you have to worry about. If you leave it to the morning, it’s hard to try put together a functional outfit when you’re half awake. This goes for other things you can organize too such as your work bag, your lunch, programming your coffee maker, etc. Don’t leave to figure it out in the morning.

2. Recognize when your peak working hours are

Even though I love sleeping in on weekends, it makes me super sluggish and lazy. If I am up early, I am soo productive in the first couple hours. That goes for most people! Identify your peak productivity hours when you are the most alert.

3. No alcohol the night before

I know if I have an early morning, I try not to have any alcohol the night before. Even if it’s a couple glasses of wine, it can sneak up on you and make you feel super sluggish in the morning. Or worse, you can wake up with a massive headache. It makes it easier to wake up in the morning when you have a clear head.

4. Bribe yourself with a yummy breakfast or delicious coffee/beverage

As funny as this sounds, if I know I am treating myself to a yummy matcha out somewhere or am going to make myself a delicious latte at home, or maybe a fantastic breakfast, that also helps me wake up! Make waking up fun and give yourself something to look forward to. Take yourself to cute coffee shop or a breakfast place so you can set up your station and get sh*t done!

5. Put on something inspirational while you’re getting ready

Turn on some upbeat music, your favorite podcast, or even YouTube. I find something motivational can help with the waking up process. Get yourself in the MOOD to work!

6. Maintain a consistent schedule

If you want to become a morning person, you need to make it a habit. Try to stick to the same schedule every day in terms of going to bed and getting up at the same time until it becomes automatic. Also make sure you’re getting enough sleep every night. Adults need at minimum of 7 hours! So if you’re going to bed at 1:00 am and trying to get up at 6:00 am, chances are that’s not going to work for you. Consistency is always key!

7. Make sure you’re getting a quality sleep

Nothing is worse than getting up early if you slept like crap. Stop eating 2-3 hours before you go to bed the night before and refrain from late night caffeine or alcohol as I mentioned. Put away electronics or anything stimulating. Do whatever you need to do to unwind. It also helps to take a warm bath/shower or even washing my feet before bed helps. Try it I promise you.

Or if you prefer showering in the mornings, try that to help wake you up.

8. Last but not least…

When my alarm goes off in the morning, I will put out my phone and stare at it in full brightness lmao. Wakes my ass up every time 😉

What tips work for you? Send me a message!

-Jenna xoxo

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