A Christmas Gift Guide That Is Actually Helpful

22 days….

And then it’s Christmas!

What! Already?!

Have you started your Christmas Shopping yet? NEITHER. Lol.

Where the heck did the time go? It always amazes me how quickly Christmas approaches. And if you’re like me, I’m notorious for leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute. This always happens for one of two reasons:


1) I never know WHAT to buy              2) Budget


I know you’ve probably already scrolled through 100 Christmas Gift Guides by now that recommend outrageous, expensive gifts….but my guide is different.

My gift guide is 3 things:

Easy – not difficult or out of reach to find

Affordable – not breaking the bank

Thoughtful – all great value

I also put an emphasis on having most of these products come from local businesses as much as I can as I am all about supporting local.

Check out these items that work for EVERY budget.


Let’s dig into it!

Vancouver Candle Co Candle

Who doesn’t love a good candle? I know I do. They smell amazing and give any room a cozy feel. However, I don’t like just ANY candle. I prefer locally sourced candles that smell fresh as opposed to candles that have strong artificial smelling scents. If you’re looking for some amazing local candles, check out Vancouver Candle Co. Strathcona is my personal favorite but they carry many other fantastic scents.

Nature’s Fare Gift Card

A gift card to Nature’s Fare Markets will never go wrong. A health food store that provides organic, local products is a must in a person’s every day life. I get my personal vitamins, groceries, and grab and go’s if I need a little pick me up. Nature’s Fare also has a full on bistro with an amazing smoothie and juice bar. There is something there for everyone.

Swell Water Bottle

Hydration is so important and if you’re like me, I’m guilty of not drinking enough water. However, owning a Swell water bottle somehow makes me want to drink more water. These water bottles are great for the environment and have beautiful designs that make drinking water fun!

1 lb of Coffee Beans + Mug from your Favorite Coffee Shop

When it doubt, my go to is buying 1 lb of high quality coffee beans from one of my favorite local coffee companies. Some of my favorites are Oso Negro and Bean Scene. You’ll recognize Oso Negro from my Nelson blog post. Sometimes I’ll even purchase a cute mug to go along with it because who doesn’t love drinking their coffee out of a beautiful mug?

An Uplifting Educational Book

Gifting books for Christmas are always a great idea but the hard part is always deciding what kind of book. I recently read Ryan Gill’s “Community Inc.” and “Fix” which are about entrepreneurship and community – super great topics for anybody in the business world! Ryan is also a local author from Calgary, Alberta.

Tap these books!


Daniel Wellington Watch

A watch is a great gift for anybody! I know you’re probably wondering why a watch would be on this list as they’re typically expensive gifts. But that’s the catch, it IS affordable! Daniel Wellington has some great deals on for watches right now. If you use my code “JENNASWETLIKOFF” at the check out, you will receive an extra 15% off on top.

Saje Products

Diffusers and essential oils are super in right now. Saje has beautiful diffusers and their essential oils are great for soothing and healing different health issues. I love using the “Liquid Sunshine” car diffuser – keeps my vehicle smelling so fresh.

Moscow Mule Glasses

If you’re shopping for the person who has everything, this is an amazing gift. Who doesn’t like sipping from a fancy glass like this? Even if the person you’re buying for isn’t a drinker, it’s always nice to keep water or any drink cold and fresh in a Moscow Mule Glass.

Magic Bean Bag

If you have not heard of these, you are missing out. A magic bean bag is such a simple gift but the ULTIMATE gift. I use my bean bag until it’s worn out!!! If you have a sore neck, restless legs, or just want to warm up cause you’re cold, heat it in the microwave for 2 minutes and you’re in heaven.

Anything from Indigo

Every time I’m cruising through the mall in Kelowna, I always make a point to check out Indigo. Even if I’m not buying anything, I love walking through because they have so many beautiful, useful things. From great books, household products, and clothing, you can find the perfect gift from here!

There you have it! I hope these gifts help you shop for the loved ones in your life! I know Christmas shopping can be STRESSSSFUL so this guide will now help you get it done in no time.

Happy Christmas Shopping!

-Jenna xoxo

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