Apartment tour + tips for decorating a small space

As you know, I moved into my own apartment back in February!

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It was a big step for me to move into my own place as living in Kelowna in a one bedroom is expensive for one person. Living in Kelowna in general is expensive LOL. What do they call it, sunshine tax? Anyways, regardless of the cost of living, Kelowna is beautiful and I love that I get to call it my home.

Back to moving…I was coming from living in a townhouse with roommates where everything was shared. Now with living on my own, I had to buy everything all new. Furniture, kitchen stuff, tv, the list goes on. That costs a pretty penny and is an adjustment!

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I decided instead of moving into a one-bedroom, to move into a studio suite. I didn’t want to commit to anything too big since this was my first time living on my own! Studio apartments are smaller than a one bedroom apartment but are more affordable. Essentially, everything is in one room: the kitchen, living space, and bedroom. There is no separation with walls or doors. It’s an open concept kind of space.

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But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it cute! Small spaces are underrated. There’s something special about living in a small, cozy space. Let me share with you my tricks to making my space cute and functional!

In a small space, it’s important to choose furniture that makes sense for your space.

-glass coffee table: this allows you to see the floor. Having a transparent table makes the room feel less cramped.

-reflective surfaces: this gives the illusion of a bigger space. I do this by having a mirror wall. Make use of mirrors by positioning them in smart spots.

-good lighting: natural light is best but if not, try add good overhead lighting. I love a good standing lamp if the built in lights aren’t great. A small space can really open up with good lighting.

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-beware of clutter: with living in a small space, you can’t afford to have a ton of stuff. It makes the room look congested and messy. One of the reasons I was looking forward to moving into my studio apartment was to live a more minimalist life. I don’t want to have lots of clutter!

-focal point: I think this is also a smart idea. For me it’s my mirror wall. It could also be a gallery wall or a great piece of art, whatever you want! Something to draw the eyes to when you walk in.

-neutrals: I think having dark colors in a small space can make it feel cold. Light colors and neutrals brightens it up. My theme colors in my apartment are white, grey, and a bit of baby blue.

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Originally I was going to post this blog shortly after moving in. But I decided to hold off to see how I would like it and have more information to share with you. Now that I’ve lived in my apartment for 7 months, I am pleased to inform you that I love it and it’s one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made! Something about a small space makes it SO cozy, especially in the cooler months. You feel so cocooned and away from everything.

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For the warmer months, I definitely utilize my patio. One of the reasons I chose this particular apartment is because of the massive patio. I think it’s almost the same size as my apartment LOL. If you are going to move into a small space, I would recommend looking into a place with a patio. Since I don’t have a nook or kitchen table, I purchased a patio set so I can eat outside if I want to sit at a table. This gives me another option from sitting in my living room area. The other option is getting a lift top coffee table like this if you want to eat indoors.

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And that is that! Living on my own has been so healthy for me and I think it’s so important for everyone to have a stage in their life where they can live on their own. You can decorate it how you want, you get your own space, and you learn how to be independent. You have the rest of your life to live with somebody, why not try out living on your own? 😉

-Jenna xoxo

*Images of me by @theyorkshireexplorer92

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