How covid-19 is affecting Instagram and Influencer Marketing

Who could anticipate that a global pandemic would occur?

Like all businesses, influencer marketing has been greatly affected – the industry that I am in. The coronavirus has caused entire sports seasons to be cancelled. School has been cancelled indefinitely. Non-essential stores have been forced to close. Entertainment events such as concerts, festivals, weddings, and church services have been cancelled. Gas prices have been at an all time low. What a crazy time!

So how does this affect my biz?

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Well, influencer marketing isn’t the only thing I do, but it’s a big chunk of what I do. At first when covid-19 hit, I found engagement was way down. Nobody was feeling happy or wanted to buy or spend. I had to put all my partnerships on hold or pause until further notice. Now that social isolation has been in place for a few weeks, I feel like engagement and views have been up immensely. Why? Because people are spending more times on their phones than interacting in real life.

Even though businesses have taken a big hit from this, not all is a lost cause. People are turning to online shopping. Food delivery services, online grocery shoppers, and more are making a killing during this time.

This is also important for people in the influencer industry to make sure what we are are saying is honest and trustworthy information. Our followers are feeling vulnerable and want to know that if they do decide to spend, they can trust what they’re spending money on. You can continue to post your sponsored content, but do it in a tasteful manner that makes sense.

kelowna blogger

Right now, online platforms should be used as a space safe for people to come together. Not for selling and advertising down people’s throats. Yes, keep posting your sponsored content, but also implement non-sponsored content that people can relate to. Throw in a free shout-out or post for somebody. Or instead of charging your regular rate, discount it. Or do a post in exchange for a gift. There are many ways around this.

Last thing, as a consumer on Instagram…how should we approach this social media app moving forward?

Make sure you’re following content that makes you feel good and empowered and asks good questions to yourself.

What are some things that stop us from seeing clearly?

-holding onto the past

-fear of uncertainty

-need for constant validation

-projecting own securities onto others

-self limiting beliefs

-desperately holding on to plans

kelowna blogger

I know with my platform, I strive to be the type of energy that no matter what I’m doing, I’m always adding value to the spaces and lives around me. Energy is real! Let’s use Instagram as a positive space through this difficult time.

-Jenna xoxo

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