How to avoid being hacked on Instagram

Who else has noticed that there’s been a LOT of hacking on Instagram lately?!

I’ve heard of so many people getting their accounts taken down, hacked, and accounts scamming people for money! Scary times. The scammers have gotten so creative lately so it’s best to be educated on the manner so you can be preventative and cautious as much as possible.

Below you will find my tips on how to avoid being hacked on Instagram.

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Here are my tips on how to avoid being hacked on Instagram:

  • Turn on two factor authentication.

This is a big one! If you are reading this and you don’t have this turned on, STOP READING, and turn it on! lol. See my reel on Instagram explaining how to do this.

  • Don’t use third party apps unless it’s an official Instagram partner.

We should all know by now that if you do anything sketchy or deemed as “inauthentic” by Instagram these days, they will flag you. Do not use any third party apps, especially ones to buy fake followers!

  • Don’t click on suspicious links in emails.

i.e. emails asking you to verify your account, copying infringement etc. If you’re not sure, look at the address of the email to see who it came from. If you’re not sure, there is a way in your settings to see if it’s actually an email that belongs to Instagram. Check out my reel to see how to do this.

  • Change your password every 6 months or so.

As a precautionary, it is wise to not keep the same password forever and ever. Change it up every few months or so. Also don’t use the same password for everything!

  • Don’t save your passwords on multiple browsers.

Only login on your trusted devices. If you go to a Apple store or to somebody’s house you don’t know, if you log in, never save your password details or use a browser you don’t trust.

Hope this helps! Stay safe out there on Instagram and take these measures so you don’t lose your account!

-Jenna xoxo

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