Life Update/Summer Ending

How is everybody doing? I feel like I’ve been posting a lot of content lately and wanted to take a serious five and check in with you all!

Can you believe summer is almost over? How is it already September. Where the heck did the time go. This year in general has flown by!

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What’s been going on with me business wise:

-I have been investing a lot in my business this year. New website, new logo, hiring help, etc. Sure, it can seem glamorous from afar but I have spending more than I ever have which can be very scary. I’ve definitely had some what the F am I doing moments haha. The reason I did this was because of the success I had in 2020. I definitely had some hiccups with Covid (who didn’t?) but nonetheless, still grew in my business. So this year, my goal was to invest invest invest. Hopefully it’ll pay off!!

-I took a break from FTGRR for the month of August! This was the first time I ever have since I started it over two years ago. If you didn’t know, FTGRR isn’t a paid gig so it’s a lot of time and effort to organize and film. I love doing it and sharing with you all but it was definitely nice to have a break since August was such a busy month. That being said, with the new restrictions being implemented September 13th here in BC, I am going to put FTGRR on hold until we know what Covid stuff is looking like. It makes me very sad as I know it’s popular among my readers, but with things so up in the air right now I think it’s best to hold off. I hope you understand!

-The Food Tour. I’m not going to lie, Jenna’s Foodie Tour was a flop this year. With Covid, restrictions, fires, smoke, it made it too hard to run. I would have guests book and then the next day, have them ask for refunds due to the constant changes we were experiencing in the Okanagan. There were always so many factors. You know what though, it’s okay. We all have been affected one way or another from the state of the world and this was how my business was affected. You win some, you lose some. The food tour will be back one day once things settle down!

-On a positive note, I really amped up the reels this year! In February, I tapped into the reel game and starting putting out reels at least three times a week. I really enjoy IG stories so it’s been fun being creative with the reels. You guys have seemed to really enjoy them as well! You can check out my reels here.

-I broke my DSLR Canon camera this year oopsies. I dropped it back at the end of April and the lens broke. Long story short, had to take it to a repair place. It wasn’t fixable so I had to bite the bullet and buy a brand new lens. $500 later and here we are. I now learned my lesson for next time! Don’t drop your expensive equipment!!

-I feel like I have really built some awesome relationships on Instagram with all of you. Some of you have been around for a while now and it’s so lovely getting to know you more so thank you for that!

What’s going on with me personally:

-I feel like the latter half of this year has been going a lot better for me than the first half did. The first half there was a lot of struggle and pain but these last few months have been pretty good.

-My little brother moved away! I don’t show my friends + family a whole lot on my Instagram but if you don’t know, I am very close with my family. My younger brother has been playing for the Kelowna Rockets the last three years but at the end of August, he moved to the States to continue his hockey career. We are very happy for him but it’s definitely been an adjustment.

-I’ve had a few grandparents in the hospital. Up until this point, I’ve had all four of my grandparents alive and well. This has been hard on our family to deal with but it reminds me that life is short and have to cherish every day.

-I’ve had a big shift in friends this year. I think I touched on this in a previous blog post but basically I did a lot of reevaluating with who I was surrounding myself with. It has been very positive for me so I encourage you to do the same if you feel it’s needed!

-One of my best friend’s is getting married and her wedding is finally around the corner. She has been planning it for years and there’s been so many ups and downs due to Covid and other affecting factors. It is only a few weeks away now so I am looking forward to being there for her on her special day.

-Mason and I were just in Smithers visiting his family. We always go up and visit at least a couple times a year. It’s always nice getting away since their life is very slow paced and simple up there. Get to get away from the chaos of Kelowna 😉

-I have witnessed a lot of division this year. I think we all thought we would’ve been out of the pandemic by now but here we are. Kelowna has definitely had some of the worst cases with Covid so we are still stuck with the masks and having restrictions. The fires and smoke have also been very bad this year. My heart has been aching for everybody losing their homes and who are affected. Hopefully this a wake up call for all of us that if we want to continue living in this beautiful place, we need to take care of it.

What’s next?

I’ve been putting out blog posts once a week as well as my newsletter. I highly recommend you to sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t! Sign up here.

I post 3+ reels a week. I’m planning to keep that up and am thinking maybe, just maybe, about trying out Tik Tok. What do you guys think. Should I hop onto Tik Tok? Or you guys don’t want another platform to follow?

Is there any kind of content you want to see moving forward? What have been your favorite pieces of content? Send me a DM on Instagram I would love to hear your feedback!

I am always trying to better my brand and improve in any way I can! It’s hard not know what this year holds given us still being in the pandemic, but I hope to continue to grow and build my relationships with you all.

Thanks for reading!

-Jenna xoxo

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