My 12 Camping Essentials

It’s finally camping season!!

I did my first camping trip this last weekend and had an incredible time!

I gave you guys a sneak peak of my girls cabin weekend on my IG stories and a lot of you had questions! So I thought I would do a post on my must haves for camping cause let’s be real…packing for camping can be overwhelming.

To be honest, I’m not a big enough camper where I own everything. I don’t have every piece of camping equipment that a camping expert should have. But, I have the essentials.

So let me tell you what i think you SHOULD bring, cause nothing is worse than being uncomfortable and cold for camping.

Food: Obviously this is a no brainer! But let me get into the specifics. It is so important to bring more food than you think you need. Nothing is worse than not bringing enough food camping. You can’t just run to the store to grab something you forgot. It’s also crucial to bring a lot of “grab+go” style snacks. Camping is supposed to be relaxing and you don’t want to do a lot of work. Also, try to do as much prep work as you can before you go camping so you can just throw it together when it’s time to eat. This will also create less dishes to clean. Some of my must have snacks for camping are smores and potato chips. Easy meals I recommend are chicken skewers, caesar salad, and cinnamon buns grilled on the bbq/fire. Anything grill-able is great and super easy.

No service: Some of you might disagree, but I strongly believe in going to a campsite where there is no service. Unplug and enjoy nature. Don’t be worried about being on your phone and connected to your life back home.

Toilet paper: You just never know. TP, paper towel, and hand sanitizer. Hard musts!!

Light: A lantern, flashlight, or your phone light. Just some kind of light. Nothing is worse than when you have to pee in the middle of the night and you have no clue where you’re going.

Lawn chairs: When you’re sitting by the fire, you need that awesome lounging camping chair cause that’s where you’ll spend hours of your time.

Sweat pants: Even if it’s 30 degrees in the middle of summer, still bring sweat pants. It ALWAYS cools down at night and being cold sucks.

Blanket: I feel like bringing a blanket is always a hard must. Whether you’re sitting around the fire, sitting at the picnic table, or just need an extra blanket at night. There’s always uses for a blanket. It also protects from fire sparks and from mosquitoes!

Fire supplies: I feel like a lot of people forget about this. If you’re somewhere where this isn’t a fire ban, old dry wood, newspaper, and a lighter. And also kindling to start the fire. Unless you’re successful with rubbing two sticks together. I know I’m not.

Deck of cards: If that rainy day comes, cards are always a life saver.

Ice: Lots and lots of ice for your cooler to keep your stuff cold. Ice melts super quick so make sure to bring lots!

Music speaker: It’s always nice to have a speaker to play music. Just to have nice background noise, or to keep wild animals away.

Garbage bags: Also another one that people forget. Nothing is worse than not having a place to put your trash.

There we have it! What are your essentials?!

Happy camping!!!

-Jenna xoxo

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