My 2022 Goals + how I get MOTIVATED

I’ve never been a “resolution” type of person, but I do enjoy starting a new year with new goals or new intentions. I know people say ‘you don’t have to wait for January to start’ but something about it being a new year makes me more motivated. I also like to use the month of January to get through of all the sh*tty stuff, for a lack of better words lol. Things such as dentist and doctor appointments, taxes, starting a gym schedule, etc. Not a lot typically goes on in January so I like to get those things out of the way.

how to get motivated

Here are my 2022 goals:

1. Practicing healthier habits

– Consistent exercise and cooking more. I started cooking more last year and really got into baking, I find it very therapeutic. I want to learn some new recipes and incorporate them into my schedule. With exercise, I’m always hiking and doing physical activity outside in the summer months. During the winter when it gets so cold, I tend to fall off the band wagon. My goal is to make sure I’m still working out even in the winter months.

2. Self care

– Investing in my health more. Spending money on going to the dentist more often, getting massages more than once a year, investing in personal training, buying organic whole groceries, etc. Even though these are all expensive, they are worth it.

3. Setting boundaries with social media

– I use social media for business and for personal reasons so I can find myself on there a lot. I already started to implement this practice last year, but I want to continue working on limiting my time with it.

Your goals can be anything related to career, relationships, personal, or financial!


  • A planner! I don’t know about you but I love January as it means I can get my hands on a fresh new planner with clean white pages. This helps me stay organized as well I find it helps to physically write things down.
  • Time blocking. Another practice I’ve already started but want to continue doing. Time blocking is approaching your day or work in incremental segments. I block out time for different tasks I need to do everyday. I.e. I dedicate a minimum of three hours a week at a coffee shop for laptop work.
  • A good pen! This sounds silly but it is important to have a good pen that you enjoy writing with. You also want to make sure it doesn’t bleed through the page. You’ll thank me later!
  • Follow motivational people. Who else is kicking ass at their craft? Find some people that inspire you! Lift you up! See what they’re doing to stay motivated! If you follow people that are downers or are negative for you, unfollow them.
  • Motivational quotes. Keep your favorite quotes on hand whether it’s in your planner, on your mirror, or somewhere accessible so if you’re lacking motivation one day, it will give you that extra push.
  • Self development. Dedicate a certain amount of time per month educating yourself. Is it a video, a particular book, a course? How can you be bettering yourself as a person? How can you get better at your craft? How you can challenge yourself? What fuels your soul?
  • Don’t know how to goal set? Start with brainstorming! Whenever inspiration strikes you, jot it down. It doesn’t need to be organized or perfect at this point. Try be as specific as you can.

There we have it! Goal setting is SO important because then we’re able to reflect on ourselves and see how we grow and what we can improve on. It’s never too late to start fresh! You will never change your life unless you change something you do daily. YOU CAN DO IT!

What are your 2022 goals? Send me a message!

-Jenna xoxo

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