My favorite accounts to follow on Instagram

We all have people we look up to, are influenced by, and aspire to be like. Everybody is an “influencer“. People will trust their friends and those they admire before they trust a company trying to sell to them.

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Here are some accounts of some women that I have been consistently following for a long time – years even! And I’ll explain why.

Check out my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram:

Rachel Parcell @rachparcell

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Photo courtesy of Rachel Parcell website

-This is one my most favorite people to follow. Why? It’s hard not to. Rachel is young, beautiful, and successful. She has three other sisters that are also on IG and their whole family is very extra and it’s fun to follow. That being said, Rachel prioritizes family, her household, all while running a successful business. She is the ultimate ‘boss babe’ and looks glamourous while doing it. I aspire to be like her one day where I can be as successful but still be grounded with my personal life.

Emily Travis @champagneandchanel

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Photo courtesy of Champagne & Chanel website

-Emily’s account is striking due to her love for fashion and how she puts outfits together so effortlessly. She consistently posts really great outfits and gives hair and makeup tricks on the side which makes her my fashion go to. I also enjoy following her because she’s very close to my age. She’s also a woman of faith and just recently got married. Her wedding was wedding goals.

Erin @cottenstem

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Photo courtesy of Cotten Stem website

-My mom introduced this account to me a few years ago. I followed Erin for a while, forgot about her, and then started paying attention again. Erin is a mom blogger with four girls and a husband. What I love about her is her reliability and her ability to poke fun at herself. She doesn’t come off as pretentious and shares a lot of home tips.

Jillian Harris @jillian.harris

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Photo courtesy of Jillian Harris website

-Ah of course Jillian makes the list. I’ve been following Jillian I think since I’ve had Instagram. I love following her as she is local to Kelowna. It’s more interesting to follow somebody that is from your own city. Her content is lifestyle and overall quite well rounded. I also aspire to be like her as she is a family person and successful.

Merritt Beck @merrittbeck

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-Merritt is another blogger that I followed a long time ago and then forgot about, and have been watching again. Merritt is a single woman in her thirties living in Dallas and discusses fashion and everyday content. I enjoy following her for her type A personality and admire how independent she is. She has been single for a long time but is self sufficient from her blog; she also recently started a podcast.

Erin Ireland @erinireland

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Erin is another Canadian gal that lives in Vancouver, BC. She is a vegan who owns a bakery called To Live For. I enjoy watching her because she posts her cooking videos on the daily. She is also very down to earth and a caring person.

There we have it! All my OG favorite accounts. All these women are so different but bring something to the table that I admire. What about you? Who are your favorite IG accounts to follow? I would love to know. This is something I ask my clients when we’re first starting out with social media consulting. Who inspires you? What aesthetic do you aspire to be like visually? They are the people that can light a fire inside you.

-Jenna xoxo

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