My Halloween on a Budget

Did you know that Halloween is a billion-dollar industry?

There’s Halloween parties, festive décor, costumes, you name it. People love to spend money on this holiday. And who can blame us? I personally love to participate in all the Halloween festivities. But it can get pricey. So the question is, how can I enjoy the Halloween festivities without breaking the bank? Let me give you some tips.

Even though the actual day is on Oct 31st, which is this Wednesday, most of the Halloween celebrations occurs before, for us adults at least. Let me tell you how I’ve participated in Halloween festivities this year for under $100.

Pumpkin Carving

This one NEVER gets old for me. No matter what age you may be, pumpkin carving is an activity for everyone. Mason and I carved a pumpkin together and we had a blast! Nothing like getting a little messy and creative. All you need is some newspaper to lay down for the mess, a couple good knives, and a pumpkin. Our pumpkin was from Superstore for under $3. So cheap! Bonus, you can save the pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin and toast them in the oven!! Then when the 31st arrives, lighting a candle in the pumpkin and putting it outside your door…this screams Halloween spirit.

Pumpkin Patching

Who hasn’t seen the adorable pumpkin patch photos on Instagram? You can bet I made my way down to the pumpkin patch this weekend. Pumpkin patches are great for going with your girlfriends, your S.O., or even with your family! Also, I find going to your local pumpkin patch is very reasonable. We went to McMillan’s Farm here in Kelowna and it’s free entry. If you want to participate in activities, there’s a small fee but it’s super affordable. We went on the hay ride which is $5 per person. Pumpkin patches have fall displays, animals, and of course copious amounts of pumpkins! The cheapest date!


Costumes is where most of the $$ goes for Halloween 😉 This is where it’s time to DIY.

For the last two years, Mason and I have done couple costumes. When I was in University, I used to always do group costumes with my girlfriends – the goal was always to have a “cute” costume. Sometimes I would have two costumes for one weekend! I mean, who wasn’t always trying to impress their crush? Lol. However, having multiple costumes was definitely not budget friendly.

Mason and I have been together for quite a few years so we have opted for the silly couple costumes – plus, I find they aren’t as expensive to buy because they come together.

Last year, we were ketchup and mustard. This was a last minute costume – the costume came with both pieces so it was pretty reasonable. Can I tell you though…going from being cute and sexy for Halloween to wearing a huge mustard suit was HARD my friends lol.

THIS year, we opted for Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you haven’t seen that movie, it’s a Halloween movie by Tim Burton. It’s one of Mason’s all time favorite movies and I finally watched it – which gave me the idea for a costume.

At the Halloween store, Jack and Sally costumes were about $80 or more for separate costumes! I was not willing to spend that much on a costume that I was going to wear once. Instead, I got my Sally dress from a local thrift store, the wig for $3, and some fake eyelashes for all under 30 bucks! For Mason’s Jack costume, we just got him a shirt (again from a thrift store), a bow tie, and some make up. So easy and way cheaper than buying the costume at premium price.


I can recommend you one thing and one thing only. SHOP FOR YOUR DECORATIONS AFTER HALLOWEEN. The day Halloween passes, all the costumes and décor tends to go on sale. This requires a bit of planning but this is the best time to buy for any holiday. Boxing Day, hello!

Hope you guys have a great Oct 31st, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

-Jenna xoxo

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