My honest review of the Jilly Academy Course

jilly academy course review

I was one of the first to purchase the Jilly Academy course back in the Spring of 2021. Right when it was first launched in April, I was one of the early birds to sign up and have access to the material! Naturally, I received a ton of questions of what my first impression was/if I thought the course was good/if I would recommend it to others. So I thought it was time for me to do a summary of what I thought now that I’ve completed it!

First off, if you’ve never heard of Jillian Harris, you probably haven’t heard of the Jilly Academy. In a nutshell, Jillian Harris is a big time lifestyle influencer and business woman that lives in my home town of Kelowna, BC. I have been following Jillian for years (see my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram blog)and have watched her business grow into the successful company it is today. At the beginning of 2021, Jillian announced that she was coming out with this educational program, The Jilly Academy: three online courses to help businesses. I wasn’t planning on signing up initially but then did. You are able to purchase just one individual course if you wish, or the whole bundle. I purchased the bundle so when I refer to this course, I am reviewing all three.

Here are my thoughts on the Jilly Academy course:

jilly academy course

Q: How long did it take to finish the course?

A: The course is self-paced. I finished the first course (The Brand Strategy) in less than a week. I finished the last course (The Growth Accelerator) in January 2022 lol. I was super eager in the beginning and then summer came and I got busy. I finally finished the course this last Winter when my life slowed down.

Q: What was your favorite course out of the three?

A: So the whole bundle consists of The Brand Strategy, The Content Creator, and The Growth Accelerator. My favorite was #2: The Content Creator as it discussed the creative side of elevating your business, photography, and digital content. This was what I was the most interested in personally.

Q: Why did you take this course?

A: I definitely would say I was biased because I’ve followed Jillian on Instagram for years. I know who she is and her background and as I mentioned, she lives here in Kelowna so I’ve met her in person. So definitely the familiarity aspect and probably even from a “fan perspective”. And of course, because she’s been so successful. She has grown so much in her business and I was genuinely curious to see how she did it and what she would share.

Q: Now that you’ve taken the course, who would you say it’s catered to?

A: Definitely influencers, business owners, content creators, and entrepreneurs. I would call it almost an influencer school. Jillian is the mentor and she shares her methods and personal experiences through video coaching.

Q: Is it worth the price?

A: I think it’s important to always be educating yourself. Personal development is so important, in your personal life and in business. There is a lot of free advice out there these days but it’s good to purchase something of quality as well. The course is $600 (for the whole bundle) which is a bit pricey but again, I see it as an investment so I was okay with the price. Continuing education is key!

Q: Do you have to buy the whole course?

A: No, but I wanted to buy the bundle to see it from beginning to end. The first course really hones in on your “why” and your values which is super important before jumping into the fun stuff. It’s important to determine what your brand is about!

Q: What was the biggest revelation from the course?

A: This is my own personal opinion, but I definitely concluded that her team has helped her a lot in her success. Of course Jillian is talented and is the face of the brand. However, what I gathered is that her team, especially Shay her COO, has really helped elevate her business. I think once you can get to a point where you can hire a team to help you, you can reach that level of success. I have noticed that with other successful influencers I follow as well. Once you get to THAT level, you can do anything.

Q: What was the biggest takeaway?

A: Time blocking! That was a big one for me and something Jillian mentioned SEVERAL times throughout the course. She also shares a lot of her templates for you to use which is helpful! You receive a copy of their systems and get to see how they do things exactly.

Q: Would you recommend the course?

A: It depends on what kind of business you are. If you’re an influencer, definitely. If you’re a small business using social media, definitely. If you aren’t a fan of the Jillian Harris brand, probably not. She shares a lot about her life which is interesting to me since I’m a fan but if you’re not fond of her, you might not like that. If you’re a big corporate business, I also don’t think this would be the course for you.

Q: Is there anything you didn’t enjoy about the course?

A: Constructively, I find it to be a little repetitive at times. But I think when you listen to anybody at that level, it’ll come across that way so maybe that’s something to look past. The course is also set up where Jillian is talking to you the whole time so if you aren’t good at sitting and listening to someone speak, you might find it difficult. There is a digital workbook that comes along with the course but you have to print if off yourself.

Overall thoughts:

I definitely think the Jilly Academy is a good course and that the pro’s outweigh the con’s. Jillian’s brand has achieved massive growth over the years and she’s really talented at what she does. You can tell Jillian is really passionate about her work and the execution of the Jilly Academy is top notch.

-Jenna xoxo

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