Pros + Cons of working from home vs working at the office

Since COVID, many people have started to work more from home rather than the office. Which do you prefer?

Both can be great but each has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s compare the two!

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-no commute

-the ability to work “anywhere”, flexibility

-zoom meetings as opposed to in person meetings

-more relaxed, controlled environment


-struggle to “unplug” after work

-distractions at home i.e. family life, kids, pets etc


-taking vacation time

-staying motivated

Fun fact: did you know a deal breaker when people look for a new job is if they can work remotely?



-face to face communication

-set schedule

-social interaction, team building

-more of a routine

-dedicated work space



-paying for parking

-more likely to go out for lunch, grab coffee out

-more stressful, busy environment

-injuries: believe it or not, the office makes you more prone to injuries such as slipping, etc.

kelowna blogger

No matter which you’re doing, both ways you can set yourself up for success and be more efficient. Here is how to work SMARTER, not harder:

-don’t sit at the couch or in the bed when working, sit at a desk.

-have a monitor riser to help with tech neck so you’re not constantly looking down.

-establish “working hours” i.e. 8am-4pm or 10am-6pm so you can turn off and have a work life balance instead of constantly being in work mode.

-implement a consistent routine. Wake up at the same time everyday. Do you workout, drink your water, etc. People thrive off of routine.

-actually get dressed! I understand wanting to be in pjs but it helps to be in legitimate clothes. Even lounge wear is alright but no pjs, this helps with consistency.

-tackle the harder projects first thing in the morning. Most people are the most productive in the morning. In the afternoon, you can do more mindless tacks as we tend to slack more. Or pick the time of day your most productive and do the projects that requires your undivided attention during that time.

-time block your schedule: meetings, appointments, workout, eating, etc to program your day.

There we have it! Whether you’re working in a home environment or working at the office, there are pros and cons! What do I like personally? I like a mix of both. I think the perfect lifestyle is to work half from home and half in the office. You get the social interaction from the office but then you get the flexibility of working from home. What about you?!

-Jenna xoxo

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