Restaurant + Dining Etiquette 101

As you guys know, I eat out a LOT. Proper etiquette is super important when dining out at restaurant, casual, group settings or fine dining. Below I have listed 10 tips for basic etiquette in a restaurant!

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1. Hot food

Do not blow on your soup (or any food) to cool it. Instead, stir the soup in a half moon shape to air it or wait for dish to cool down.

2. Dipping

If sharing appies, there are normally dips involved. Instead of dipping your food right into the shared container, put a small portion on your plate and dip from there.

3. Napkins

When you’re finished your meal, pinch your napkin together and put it to the left side of the plate. Refrain from putting the napkin on top of your dirty plate.

4. Grooming

Don’t groom yourself at the table. i.e. put on lipstick, use a toothpick. Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. You shouldn’t be touching your face at the table.

5. Drinking

When drinking a beverage: Don’t dip down to drink it. Lift the drink up toward your mouth. I think we were all guilty of this as a kid with straws right?

6. Food sharing

I get it, when your SO orders a meal that looks more delicious than yours you want to try it. If you want to try somebody’s dish, instead of reaching across the table and taking a spoonful, have them put it on a side plate and give it to you that way.

7. Discarding food

If you’re eating something that has a pit, bones, etc it has a special spot on your plate at 11 o’clock. This is the spot for anything you’re not eating.

8. Group eating

When eating with a group, you should wait for everybody to have their dish before starting to eat.

9. Condiments

You never want to reach across the table. If you need a condiment, asked for it to be passed down to you. Salt + pepper are a couple and should be passed together.

10. Tipping

You always want to be tactful and discreet. Even if the service is bad, it is recommended you leave something.

Now you know the main dining do’s and don’ts! Am I missing any others?! Let me know.

-Jenna xoxo

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