Stocking Stuffer Ideas

christmas stocking stuffers

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?! I can’t!

This if the first time EVER in my lifetime that I’ve gotten my Christmas shopping done this early LOL. Normally I’m a last minute-r type of girl. I love buying for other people but struggle coming up with ideas. It’s hard!

If you have been following me for a while, you would’ve seen my blog post from last year “A Christmas Gift Guide That Is Actually Helpful“.

christmas stocking stuffer ideas

This year, I’ve chosen my favorite stocking stuffers so that you can have ideas for what to put in stockings! I don’t know about you guys but I used to get weird items in my stocking when I was a kid. I would get a tooth brush, fruit leather, tic tacs…really random stuff lol. But now, there are so many great options out there and many different ways to get creative! I got Mason a big stocking filled with goodies a couple years ago and he loved it! I put so many good things in there and stuffed it to the max – no tic tacs for him!

Let me share with you some of my favorites items that you can add to your stocking:

Zenwand bracelets:

christmas stocking stuffers

mala bracelets

You may have seen these bracelets around the Okanagan as they are a Kelowna company called ZenWand. They are located in various wineries, all the Nature Fares, and some other boutiques throughout BC.

I love these bracelets because they are hand crafted ethically sourced gemstones. They are created by a mother/daughter duo who have the kindest hearts. $5.00 from every bracelet sold is donated to the Central Okanagan Hospice Association (COHA). If you have something you are fundraising for ie: schools, sports, dance or cause these genuine gemstone bracelets are a great idea and a popular alternative to fundraise with; the fundraiser is running now through February 2020.

The perfect gift for the female friend in your life!

Phone Case – Kase Me Designs:

phone case


Phone cases have gotten so creative and fun. I just got the new Iphone 11 Pro Max a couple months ago and needed the perfect case. I discovered Kase Me phone cases and get so many compliments! They have so many cute designs and they’re a reasonable price! Plus, their super tough and sturdy to protect your phone. Great to slide into a stocking!

Pop socket:

rock pop socket

Another great phone gadget that you can throw in a stocking is a pop socket. I recently got a Rainbow phone grip which I’m obsessed with but there are so many other great ones to choose from.


scrunchieschristmas stocking stuffer

If you pay attention to my Instagram, you’ll see there is a scrunchie on my wrist or in my hair every single day. I can’t recall the last time I used a hair elastic – I’m obsessed!! Plus, they are so in right now. Some great local brands I recommend in Kelowna are Jose fina and Co and Hairloom Scrunchies.


cedar creek winechristmas stocking stuffer

If you have a big stocking, you can definitely throw a bottle of wine in. Who doesn’t love wine?! You guys all know Cedar Creek is my fav so definitely sneak a bottle into your stocking if you can.

Wine cork screw:

Speaking of wine, a wine cork screw always comes in handy as well. If you’re getting them wine, might as well throw one of these in while you’re at it 😉


stocking stuffers

A mini planner/journal/agenda is always useful. My friends and I always have them to keep organized. Get them one with a super pretty cover.

The Handmade Shoppe:


the handmade shoppechristmas stocking stuffers

handmade shoppe

I discovered this store a couple months ago and bought this stunning amethyst necklace (see above). Never have I gotten so many compliments on a piece of jewellery.

The Handmade Shoppe is home to over 100 unique BC makers… most of which live within 150 miles of one of our shoppes. Their inventory changes up on a weekly basis, new artisans join every month, plus they host a variety of creative workshops!

Their store consists of funky jewellery, house hold decor, soap, plants, and other nic nacs! All made by local artisans. You will definitely find something for you loved one here!



Coasters are always nice to have. Get some beautiful ones from the Handmade Shoppe.


toquechristmas stocking stuffers

There are so many cute beanies out there. Check out Indigo for some fun options.

Magic bean bag:

My final stocking stuffer idea, a bean bag. I mentioned this in my gift guide last year but honestly they are the best present you guys. I use mine every night. Great for keeping you warm at night or for relaxing your sore muscles – there are multiple uses for this gem!

magic bean bag


I hope this was helpful! Get creative with your stockings and your loved ones will love it!

Happy shopping!!

-Jenna xoxo

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