Style Guide For Your Next Photoshoot

Whether you’re getting family photos, couple photos, doing a branding shoot, or getting photos done just for fun, picking the right outfits can make or break the final images.

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I use a set of general rules when picking outfits for photoshoots and I have compiled them here for you to use when preparing for your next photoshoot session.

Photoshoot Outfit Guidelines


Coordinate but don’t be too matchy matchy. Pick 3-4 colours and stay in that palette. Although, sometimes a pop of colour outside of your palette can be nice.

Keep it Clean

Avoid busy patterns! You can incorporate a subtle print but it’s safe keeping to solid colours. Stay away from big logos or anything super trendy that will be out of style in six months. Less is more and you want people to connect with YOU in the photo, not the details.


The wrong shoe choice can wreck the photo. Make sure you’re mindful of what is on everybody’s feet and that their shoes are clean. Otherwise, going barefoot (as long as it makes sense for the location) can work.


For the ladies I recommend always wearing hair down. An up-do is nice in real life but sometimes doesn’t transfer to the photos unless professionally done. If your hair is slicked back it can make you look bald. Also, having hair down can create really great movement in a photo.


Wearing accessories is fine but leave the big hoop earrings or other obnoxious pieces at home. Wearing studs or a thin necklace is okay, but as trends change over time, you’ll get more out of your photos if you keep the accessories to a minimum.

Keep it on brand

Take into consideration what location you’re shooting at. Is it a more relaxed setting at a beach? Are they business headshots for work? Keep your profession and your audience in mind. If these are professional photos, you’ll want to ensure you’re wearing professional attire. If these photos are showcasing your jewellery line, then make sure to wear the jewellery in the photos.

There you have it! No matter what, make sure you wear clothes that make you feel confident as well as clothes that fit you well.

Save this post for next time you’re doing a photoshoot. If you’re still unsure of your wardrobe, you can always contact your photographer ahead of time and run your outfits by them. Photographers will always have good tips and advice on how to dress!

As well, if you’re ever looking for branding photography in the Kelowna area, check out the services I offer here.

-Jenna xoxo

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