The NEW website is here!!!

Hello StuffwithSvet readers!

Welcome to the NEW website!! By this time, I’ve sure you’ve had a chance to click around and check out the new site 😉

My goals with this new site was to mature it up a little bit. I LOVED my old site. I remember when I launched my old site I was sooo proud of it. It was the hot pink and white with the girly StuffwithSvet logo. I had worked the whole summer of 2018 with my web developer to make it perfect!

kelowna blogger

However when I first created that site, I had no clue what my niche was or what my business would entail. I basically started from a blank canvas and had almost little to no content on it. Fast forward to today, I have SO much content on there. I felt like it was starting to get a bit cluttered and messy. I also found I was outgrowing the hot pink ha, ha. Not only have I matured, but my audience has matured.

So with the new site I wanted to increase:

  • User experience. I wanted to make it easy to click around and accessible to find things!
  • Mature and modern design. I wanted a new color scheme and a more updated feel.
  • It was time to change up the logo. I wanted the emphasis to be more on my name and not as much my blog StuffwithSvet.
  • Service offerings. I wanted my service offerings to be more clear. Now that I’ve been in my digital marketing business for a few years, I know what my services are and wanted it to be easily located on a page.

Here is a before and after:

kelowna blogger

kelowna blogger

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Let me know what you guys think! I hope you love the new website as much as I do!

-Jenna xoxo

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