Why Hosting an Influencer Event is a Smart Marketing Tactic

People LOVE recommendations and reviews. Think about it, when you’re deciding what restaurant to go to in a new city, you want to go to places people suggest. Influencer events are a great way to showcase various brands and businesses. You can call it whatever you want and don’t have to use the word influencer, but ‘word of mouth’ advertising is the best type of advertising.

Why? Well, people trust people.

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What exactly is an influencer event?

An influencer event is when a group of people who have a large social media following are invited to an event that promotes a company or brand. This is done to create brand awareness for a company so that they can get more eyes on their product or service.

How are influencer events successful?

Those with a large following, or influencers, have already built trust with their existing audiences and will create buzz by posting the brand on their social media and sharing their individual experience. This showcases the brand to a new audience!

My experience with influencer events

I LOVE planning influencer events as I get to engage with clients in a unique way that allows me to experience their brand authentically. This summer I have hosted and organized two influencer events for clients and both were super successful.

Speaking of influencer events, until the end of Summer, you can use my code jennaswetlikoff10 at Kismet Winery! This code gives you 10% off in the tasting room, tours, private experiences such as food & wine pairing, and anything booked through the website. This does not include the restaurant.


  • A successful influencer event will provide a unique and engaging experience. This will naturally make the influencers want to take pictures and share with their followers. This authenticity transfers to their audience which will benefit the brand in the long term.
  • Creating an event hashtag always helps with social media traction.
  • Inviting several influencers with different types of platforms helps expand the brand to a wide audience.

Do you have a brand or business that you want shared with a new audience?! You have come to the right place, influencer events are a powerful tool to market your brand. With that being said, they are a lot of work. If you’re looking to organize your first influencer event, send me a message!

If you have any more questions about what influencer marketing is, I explain it here.

-Jenna xoxo

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