Why use an online Instagram influencer?

why use an instagram influencer

Why use an Instagram influencer?

This is a common question I get asked all the time. By my friends, family, and potential clients. I get it. It hasn’t always been around.  As an Instagram online influencer, my goal is to maximize marketing to your brand and inspire people to visit your restaurant, company, or buy your product.

StuffwithSvet the blog has been my business for just over a year. It’s still a baby business but every month that goes by it grows.

You will have seen some of my clients I’ve worked with…Cedar Creek Winery, BC Tree Fruits, Bin 4 Burger Lounge. I have created beautiful content for them showing why I love them so much – it’s a form of advertising. For example, I love Cedar Creek’s wine and winery. I love Bin 4’s food. Taking one look at my Instagram feed and you will see that I am passionate about these places.

So why do these companies choose this route instead of using traditional marketing? Traditional marketing being a billboard, radio ads, etc.

instagram influencer

There is nothing wrong with traditional marketing! I am not here to knock it down. If anything, I want to complement it. However ask yourself, what demographic are you trying to market? Is it 55-65 year olds? Is it 25-35 year olds? Because I am 26 years old, (not all the time) but most of the time I am targeting an audience around the same age group. And they grew up with social media. Social media has become the leading source for consumers. 80% of users search stores, restaurants, and hotels online before visiting them. My followers know me as the “Kelowna expert” and trust what I recommend in Kelowna in terms of where to eat, where to stay, and what to do.

And even ask yourself. Would you trust seeing a big billboard that’s posted by the airport? Or would you take somebody’s word, a friend, saying something is good.

The answer is easy. You would take your friend’s word. Why? Because they are a reliable source. You trust them. They are humans. It’s not an inanimate object telling you, it’s a human. We are humans and like hearing from other humans. Hence, coining the word “influencer” – people trusting a particular person’s opinion. It’s leadership and leadership is influence.

So back to my original question. Why use an influencer such as my myself?

Influencer connect with people, with companies, with products. They communicate. And they’re collaborating. They put thought into the content they create which means there is purpose behind the content. They’re exposing your brand to a specific audience, a new audience maybe your brand has’t been exposed to yet. It’s a win-win scenario.

Influencers are on the rise! Hit up your local influencer to help spread how awesome YOUR brand is.

-Jenna xoxo

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