My Top 7 Recommended Hiking Spots Around Kelowna

Known for its beaches, wine, and scenery, the Okanagan valley has a lot to offer. If you read my previous blog post on “Tips to Stay Active + Moving As You’re Progressing into Fall”, you’ll know one of my favorite ways to stay active is by hiking. I am always intrigued to discover new hikes and trails. There are many hiking trails around the Kelowna area but I definitely have some favorites. Here are my top 7 recommended hiking spots in the area:

1. Knox Mountain

Knox Mountain is the classic. Most hikes you have to travel to but Knox is great because it’s right in Kelowna’s downtown. There are two trails: Paul’s Tomb and Apex Trail.

  • Paul’s tomb – more of a leisurely walk with a gradual incline.
  • Apex – steep and leads to the top of a lookout.

Once you reach the Apex lookout, you get a great view of Kelowna’s downtown core and the lake. Paul’s tomb leads you down to a little private beach. Knox is great if you have an hour and want to squeeze in a quick hike without having to travel far.

2. Pincushion

This is a little bit of a drive from Kelowna so I don’t do this hike as often but love it when I do as it’s a pretty drive to Peachland. The hike itself is tough at first as it’s initially steep but gradually gets easier as you go on. There is some rock climbing involved where you have to climb over rocks…which is super fun! But not ideal for a young child or inexperienced hiker. Stunning panoramic views of Peachland await you at the top along with a Canadian flag pole which makes for a great photo op.

3. Crawford Falls

You would never know this hike existed unless a local enlightened you. The hike is located down in a canyon in Crawford/East Kelowna with two routes:

  • One route is super steep that you have to climb down by rope – can be a little dangerous!
  • The alternate route is longer but a much safer trail.

Two stunning waterfalls await you at the bottom. To get the full experience, it requires a little bit of climbing to see both but it is worth it. If you’re looking for other amazing waterfalls, check out my waterfall blog here.

4. Lebanon Creek

lebanon creek kelowna

hiking kelowna

This is a steep, challenging hike in East Kelowna. There are lots of uphills but it is well marked. I would recommend taking water for this one as you’ll be huffing and puffing. Fantastic views greet you at the top as well as a stone fire pit which makes for great photos!

5. Spion Kopp

kelowna blogger

This is an spectacular hike in Lake Country! It’s great because you get a gorgeous view of Wood, Duck, and Okanagan Lake! I like this hike because there are many trails to choose from so you can choose what difficulty you want. And how many hikes are there that you can see that many lakes at once?!

6. Goat’s Peak

goat's peak hike kelowna

This is a newer hike to Kelowna and one of my favorites! It is located right as you’re leaving West Kelowna to go to Peachland. The first part of the trail is a nice wide path right along the water. The second part turns into a big climb up the mountain to the peak. There are many wild flowers and the path is clearly labelled. It is similar to Pincushion with panoramic views at the top. It is a gorgeous hike and I would highly recommend!

7. Christie Falls

christie falls kelowna

christie falls kelowna

This is one of the most unique places I’ve been to! Christie Falls is located about an hour from Kelowna with most of the trek being an old logging service road. Definitely recommend a 4×4 or a truck to get there! It is super easy to get lost trying to find it as there isn’t any signage so I would encourage you to go with somebody that’s been before – but boy is it worth it! I would not recommend bringing kids as there’s a steep rope climb down to the fall. The water fall itself is spectacular and is right against a large rock wall. The best time to go is end of May/early June as it’s flowing heavy. As the summer goes on, the water flow becomes less and less. However, don’t go earlier than end of May as there will still be snow.

The list goes on but these are my must-do hikes around Kelowna. You can also check out my Hiking Highlight on my Instagram as well as my Reels tab for many more hikes I’ve done.

Happy hiking!

-Jenna xoxo

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