Dec 12th – @urbantheoryinteriordesign

Today StuffwithSvet is featuring @urbantheoryinteriordesign. I went to a networking event recently and got to meet Crispin for the first time! I loved her energy and learned she was the mastermind behind Urban Theory Interior Design. I love that they focus on customer service and truly care about their people! Not just on making a sale. Check out the feature below!

My name is Crispin Butterfield and the name of my business is Urban Theory Design. You can connect with me through our website, Instagram, and Facebook.I follow @jennaswetlikoff because I love how community-minded Jenna is. I also love how she shares her love of all things local…we need more people like this! Positive, inspirational women are taking over the world 😉

We’re in the business of creating breathtaking, functional, and enviable residential and commercial spaces through the art and science of interior design. At our core, we at Urban Theory Design are playful style-makers constantly seeking out fresh, unique viewpoints to expand our approach. Our favorite canvases are found in sizeable + luxury residential homes and boutique-type commercial environments where are clients share the same infatuation with style and detail as we do.

Instagram has allowed me to share the more personal side of our business story with the world. It lets everyone in on all the behind-the-scenes happenings in a real-life interior design firm. It allows our personality as a company and as individuals to shine through in ways traditional marketing and advertising can’t…we love showing the human side to business and the design process + approach.

My favorite Instagram accounts to follow are: @mrcurtiselmy, @threebirdsrenovation, @melrobbinslive, @audreycrispinteriors, @vancitybusinessbabes, and @karinbohn.

The most important part of our business journey so far has been learning from failures, seeing the lessons in the positive and the negative, and always striving to grow a stronger and more mindful connection with our business and clients. Getting on board with a mentor and business coach several years back was the smartest and best decision I personally made, and something I recommend for absolutely everyone no matter how seasoned they are: always be learning.

What makes us stand out from other businesses? That’s a great question. I know our technical background and strong business acumen is what always impresses clients and tradespeople when we get working on a project together… the design industry is sometimes known to have a bad rap in the business department sadly; many people have good intentions, but over promise and under deliver. But I know that’s where we excel – our strengths aren’t just in creating pretty spaces, they’re very much in the back end, all the behind the scenes processes and expertise that make a project run on time, on budget, and in harmony with the myriad of other professionals and trades involved.

The 5-year goal with our business would be expanding the Kelowna office to include more staff, in a building of our own, (our Manitoba office is still kept busy with work in the prairies)… taking on larger projects with larger developers throughout the valley, and adding more commercial work to our portfolio. For the past several years, my heart has been in mentoring other up and coming designers + creative professionals, and I know that is where my next journey will also take me. I’m in the process of developing an online mentorship platform for designers seeking advice, knowledge, and support around how to run a more successful design company, and for those ready to take their businesses to the next level. All the things they don’t teach you in design school… Stay tuned!

How do I push through the worst times? By working on seeing them as valuable teaching tools. Life is happening for you, not to you – it takes practice to switch mindsets and find gratitude for the hard times. Also, find a support network of likeminded people that will encourage and inspire you when you need it most (shout out to my Kelowna Women in Business ladies!!)

Just because they’re the last three people I’ve talked to today (there are too many amazing individuals in Kelowna!), I nominate Laura Milnes from Silk + Coupe, Tina Walczak from Hiilite Creative, Ling Agaran from LashNoire and Belleza by Ling to be featured on this series.

Thank you for having me on the Who’s Out There? SERIES!!!

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