Dec 19th – @redlips_winesips

Today StuffwithSvet is featuring @redlips_winesips. I recently met Tanja and Annika at a networking event. I love the whole concept of their business as it’s super unique and fun! Who wouldn’t want to have these two lovely ladies come to your house to show you the ropes on wine AND drink it at the same time? Check them out!

 We are Tanja Martell and Annika Betts. The name of our business is Red Lips & Wine Sips. You can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and our website.

We follow @jennaswetlikoff because her local food reviews caught our attention, and we fell in love with her down to earth style.

Our business is about promoting Okanagan wines through tasting events, pop-ups, partnerships, and in-home parties. Customers do this by booking a private sommelier for their party or event and enjoy the one-on-one wine experience. They will learn and expand on their knowledge while they sip on wines carefully selected to their personal taste. At the end of the day, our goal is to share our passion for wine and love for the Okanagan.

We use Instagram for Red Lips & Wine Sips because we find it to be one of the most useful tools to connect to fellow wine lovers and potential clients. It seems to reach the most amount of people. People use it as a search engine these days when looking for stuff to do and things to buy.

Our favorite Instagram accounts to follow are @carlymal, @table_fortynine@jennaswetlikoff@wine.gini,  @iyellowwineclub, and all the local wineries.

The most important part of our business journey so far is creating a brand and concept that others would enjoy. As far as we know, we’re the only company to offer in-home tasting experiences so we believe that makes us stand out from other businesses.

Our 5-year goal is to grow our client base and to continue to have the opportunity to share our passion for wine and the Okanagan to a wider population.

We have yet to have worst times (knock on wood)!! But we’re best friends, so we’ll be able to help each other through it should we hit a rough patch. That’s the beauty of having a partner in crime (and wine)!

We nominate The Green Vanity and Megan Shallow of BNL Consulting to be featured on this series.

Thank you for having us on the Who’s Out There? SERIES!!!

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