Jan 30th – @exploringtheokanagan

Today StuffwithSvet is featuring @exploringtheokanagan. I wanted to feature Beth’s account as she displays so much of the Okanagan’s beauty. Beth also seems like a super humble, down to earth person. I love following local accounts such as hers so that I can expose them and discover other gems! Check out Exploring the Okanagan’s feature.

My name is Beth Quirie and my business is called Exploring the Okanagan. You can connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Instagram is where I post the most.

I use Instagram because you can tell so much more of a story through a photo than you can words. I love how a simple photo can convey a whole list of emotions and how you can build up a backstory around it. I also like that Instagram embraces the not so perfect of life. I know it gets a lot of flack for being the highlight reel of peoples lives, which is true, but I honestly find it a lot more inclusive overall of different lifestyles, body types and interest. I am a bigger person and I feel really accepted and supported by the community and it’s a lot more about the stories I am telling with my photos then having a perfect body while doing it.

I love so so many accounts but some of my favourite instagram accounts to follow right now are:

@table_fortynine, aside from making me laugh I legitimately look forward to watching her stories before bed. Did she cook a deep-fried apple fritter burger that day or did she fight the patriarchy, you just never know with her. She’s gorgeous inside and out and you can tell even through your phone.

I have also been really into @staysoftapparel lately. It’s a clothing line made by an amazingly strong woman, and they’re very pro-mental health and removing the stigma of anxiety and emotions, and I think we just need more of that in our lives. If you’re ever having a down moment just watch her stories it’s always full of the best motivational quotes. The clothing is also cute AF.

@love.mother.nature is an amazing momma raising the most adorable little wildling and explores all over Vernon with him. She’s pretty much everything I’d want to be as a mother and she takes some of the most gorgeous photos of her adventures. I’ve gone to a few places based purely on seeing it on her stories.

@hikingcorry is also Instagram goals. She explores some of the most gorgeous places in BC and beyond and remains one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. We’ve hung out before as friends of friends and she is as honestly as wonderful as she comes across online.

There are hundreds more but that’s my top four (outside of Jenna!)

I follow @jennaswetlikoff for the food and wine. And Blackie (her cat) but mostly the food and wine. I really want Exploring The Okanagan to be about attainable exploration. I am a very normal sort of simple person, I will not be doing any 8h hikes any time soon and I only learned how to do a proper wine tasting this year. Jenna helps inspire me to explore more local restaurants, wineries and more refined places to eat which I think is an important part of the Okanagan to share. We’re so much more than fruit stands and coffee shops and having someone show them honestly – and not pretentiously is wonderful.

My business, Exploring the Okanagan, is all about helping people find different places and ways to explore the Okanagan and enjoy living in such a beautiful part of BC. On the other side of it – I work with small businesses and local vendors to better share their story through social media. We have so many amazing businesses in the Okanagan and more people need to know about them!

The most important part of my business journey so far would be meeting people who went to go explore something I featured or a business I talked about. To know I had a small but positive role in creating a wonderful memory for someone is just such a pure happiness.

I believe I stand out from other businesses with my authenticity and positivity. If you take anything away from my account I hope it’s that I am truly so excited and passionate about exploring and sharing every piece for the Okanagan. I love it here so much and wish for nothing more than to inspire others to love it and enjoy it as much as me.

My 5-year goal with my business is to explore more, share my stories with more people, and help more small businesses. I would love to work with more brands with bigger audiences to share the beauty of the Okanagan with them. I think it’s an amazing place and the world really needs to learn about it. Paris, who? Bali, what? Okanagan, Yesss.

How do I get through the worst times?

I have got a pretty great support system. If I am feeling unmotivated or I feel defeated because a brand or company decided to work with someone with a “bigger influence” or of a certain body type (in terms of clothing brands), my boyfriend is there for me. He works behind the scenes with me on ETO and is my biggest cheerleader. He will drive hours to go on ridiculous adventures with me and sits through me taking 300 photos of every meal.

I nominate Brianna of @Table_Fourtynine to be featured on this series! But really, any of the amazing women I mentioned above would be an awesome feature as well.

Thank you for having me on the Who’s Out There? SERIES!!!

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