March 6th – @embodyyourstrength

Today StuffwithSvet is featuring @embodyyourstrength! Emilee and I go way back when when we used to do modelling together. Now fast forward to today, Emilee is sharing her health knowledge and experiences from her past times as a model. I applaud Emilee for being so vulnerable and real with her followers and will definitely tell you that her blog is worth a read. Check out her feature below – it’s a must read!

My name is Emilee and my business (that’s not quite a business yet) is @embodyyourstrength. Right now, I’m a student at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, with hopes to graduate as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Right now you can connect with me on Instagram or on my blog.

I use Instagram because I’ve found an incredible community of people in their own recovery as well. People are so supportive and sweet and it’s amazing to see that side of social media rather than the usual “goals” on insta. I think it’s important for influencers and micro influencers to be vulnerable and authentic with their followers. I for one don’t just care about a pretty face anymore, I want the story! I’ve also found that sharing my thoughts/feelings has been so therapeutic for me, so really it’s all a win-win.

My favourite accounts to follow are:

@basicswithbails – she’s been featured on here and is an incredible food photographer, recipe developer, and friend!! She is also REAL with her followers. I know her personally and I can tell you she does not hide who she is on her Instagram, and I think that’s amazing.

@ownitbabe – this was one of the first accounts I followed when I started to go through recovery. She has changed my life and I don’t even know her! She is SO real and vulnerable and she tells you about the hard sh*t. She’s also Canadian which is super cool!

@mccallcapozzi – I really dig her IG tips, plus her feed is STUNNING and she is a beautiful girl. She is also super real with her followers and tells people all the time how important it is to be authentic on Insta, and I soooo agree with that!

I follow @jennaswetlikoff because she is everything OKANAGAN, and me being born and raised here, really loves that. Our little city is so amazing and Jenna truly captures that with everything she does! Plus I really love her Bachelor Recaps… guilty pleasures…

In the future, I’d like my business to be about helping other people ditch the diet culture lifestyle and just live life, free from food shame, free from weight shame, and restriction. Also, I’d like to test people scientifically to figure out the vitamins & minerals they may be lacking, and give them advice on how to get those things naturally.

However, right now I’m still a student. But I still have a lot to say! I was diagnosed with Disordered Eating in 2018, and had been struggling for a couple years prior to that diagnosis. Right now I’m going through my recovery stage, and although it’s messy and hard AF, I know that it will be worth it, and ultimately what I want is a happy life.

I’d say the most important business decision thus far has just been to start, and to keep posting. I get pretty vulnerable on some posts and it’s always scary to hit share. But I keep doing it, and each post feels better than the last.

I’d say I stand out from other businesses or bloggers because I do not hide my vulnerable side (which is basically all my sides lol). You’d learn more about me by scrolling through my Instagram than you would probably knowing me my whole life. I used to follow mega influencers and supermodels (because I wanted to be a supermodel), and I’d feel so down on myself because I was nothing like what these girls portrayed through their social media. Now I know that that’s ok, and people actually want to see more authenticity.

In 5 years, well first I’d like to actually have a business . I hope that I will be recovered and healthy, and can finally use what I’ve been learning throughout this whole process to help other people. I’d also like to get into advocating for #worthbeyondweight and the modelling industry, because I am incredibly passionate about that as well. I have a lot of things up my sleeve, but of course big things take time, and a healthy mind and body to accomplish them.

How I push through the hard times? To be honest I’m still figuring that all out. I definitely let myself rest when I need it, and I need it a lot right now. Writing helps me a lot, or going for a walk with the dog! I take really small steps everyday towards my goals and dreams, sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough and sometimes it’s overwhelming, but I know that all I’m doing is moving forward and that feels good.

I think @youarecollective should be featured on this series. They are actually a clothing brand based out of Kelowna, and 10% of all proceeds go towards Mental Health. Their posts are always inspiring and the message that they spread is amazing!

Thanks so much for having me on the #whosoutthere series!!!

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