Nov 28th – @lelonigrace

Today StuffwithSvet is featuring @lelonigrace. Leloni and I connected over Instagram and I actually came to one of her social gatherings at her home. I love how expressive Leloni is through her makeup – I’ve never seen her do the same look twice. She is so creative and always coming up with something fresh and new which I love. Check out my piece on her!

My name is LeLoni Grace Perison and the name of my business is LeLoni Grace. You can connect with me via Instagram and YouTube.

I starting following @jennaswetlikoff when I was looking for more local influencers to follow – I love what she does with her blog and Instagram. It’s super encouraging seeing someone like Jenna being so helpful to other influencers regardless of their size. My numbers are so much smaller than hers and yet she is featuring me on her blog which is so super cool.

My business is tailored to my passion. I have a passion for teaching people about makeup whether that’s through my YouTube channel, Instagram Stories, or in person. I love to help people feel good about themselves and confident in their skills when applying makeup. I also love to express myself through the art of makeup.

I use Instagram because Instagram is a great way to connect with people and even form friendships. It’s also an amazing way to share my passion for makeup and art.

I have way too many favorite people on Instagram. If I had to choose, beauty wise I love following @katy and @desiperkins. For lifestyle, I love @jillian.harris.

What makes me stand out from other businesses is that I’m all about educating people when it comes to makeup. I want people to learn about what products work for them and how to apply them.

The most important part of my business journey so far was getting over my fear of putting myself out there. I’m just a normal mom and wife who happens to have a passion for makeup. The first time I put a video tutorial up on YouTube I was freaking out so much I literally felt nauseous. But I kept at it and now I am super comfortable in front of a camera whether it’s on YouTube or Instagram Stories.

In five years, I would love to be working with more local brands as well as cosmetic companies. I would also love to collaborate with a cosmetic company to come out with a makeup line.

To get through the worst times, it helps that I have a supportive husband who constantly reassures me that I’m doing a great job. I also have to remember that I love what I do and I’m doing it for myself, not other people.

If I had to nominate somebody to be on this series, I would nominate @ilovedenham.

Thank you for having me on the Who’s Out There? SERIES!!!

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