Oct 3rd – @pretentiouspink

Today StuffwithSvet is featuring @pretentiouspink. I love Danelle’s feed because she literally does it all! She’s a mother, a blogger, has a full-time job, AND still manages to stay down to earth. I can’t imagine that being easy! Kudos to her. On Danelle’s feed, you’ll see a little bit of everything from beauty and fashion and her kids. Did I also mention she’s Canadian? My favorite thing about @pretentiouspink is the fact that she’s a “mom blogger”. I feel like we need more of those…they know their stuff!!! Check out my spotlight on Danelle!

My name is Danelle Bernakevitch and my business is Pretentious Pink! You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I follow @stuffwithsvet because she is a fellow Canadian who knows her stuff!!!

Pretentious Pink is where I write about personal passions from style, home décor, and being a mom of two in a new city. I also market and educate for a health and wellness company.

I use Instagram because Instagram is a really great tool. I look up geo tags so I can see what’s going on in my local city. My favorite Instagram accounts to follow are @mon_mode. I love her for the overall mood she gives. @mangorabbitrabbit is so romantic and dreamy and @fromcitytosurbia is an incredible writer coupled with reality.

The most important part of my business journey so far would be professionalism! Making deadlines, doing what you say, and responding to emails is so important. Even though it can seem like a pretty relaxed position, staying professional is always key.

What makes me stand out from other businesses is that I strongly believe in working hard and being consistent. That’s what makes the difference. My 5-year goal with my business is to grow connections with real people who have real things to say. Followers are great but I don’t necessarily need thousands of followers.

How do I push through the worst times? Gosh! I wish I had the secret sauce to share with everyone, but I don’t. The only thing I can say is not worrying about what everyone else is doing. That has been a turning point for me.

Somebody who I think should be featured on the Who’s Out There? SERIES is @shopcollinsst.

Thank you for having me on the Who’s Out There? SERIES!!!

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