Sept 19th – @squashinglifeandkaleingit

Today I am featuring @squashinglifeandkaleingit. Haley and I have been following each other for as long as I can remember. She is SO sweet and positive and I love her energy and passion for living a healthy lifestyle. She is so dedicated to eating nutritious food and exercising, which are things I strive to do myself…probably why we get along so well :). Haley is still in the early stages of building her health and wellness business. I wanted to recognize her because I think she can go really far with her ideas and make a difference for other individuals.

My name is Haley Rabb and my Instagram account is @squashinglifeandkaleingit. I don’t have a blog quite yet but I am planning on starting one up real soon. My blog will include plant-based recipes, mental health and wellness, and running/fitness blog posts.

I follow @stuffwithsvet because Jenna is positive and relatable, and it is fun to learn about the different restaurants and places she travels to.

I use Instagram to help grow my physical and mental health and connect with others with similar interests.  As a potential registered dietitian to be, it is nice to be able to explore all of the different realms of health and wellness that are part of the Instagram community.

The most important part of my business journey so far would have been taking the initiative to start up my Instagram. I’ve been learning how to take better pictures and post the most valuable content I can for my followers. Other Instagram accounts I love following are @justdimpleit, @shutthekaleup, @twistoflemons, @herdolcevita, and @avokween.

What makes me stand out from other businesses is that I have expertise on nutrition. I have extensive knowledge on different varieties of exotic fruits and vegetables that can benefit a plant-based lifestyle (or anyone trying to live a healthier life).  I am also an experienced long-distance runner with lots of advice to share with beginner and/or advanced runners.

My 5-year goal with my business is to continue growing my Instagram and develop an official blog with a strong following. I want to connect and work with brands that are related to what I share on my blog and Instagram account.

However, it can get stressful sometimes trying to start a blog and run my Instagram while being in University. When the going gets tough, I remember my passion for food and nutrition and will therefore take a short break from social media to refresh that enthusiasm.

I think other lifestyle and wellness Instagram accounts/blogs should be featured on the Who’s Out There? Series. Two I would highly recommend are @justdimpleit and @herdolcevita.

Thank you for having me on the Who’s Out There? SERIES!!!

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