Sept 12th – @themegproject

Today, I am featuring @themegproject. Meg and I actually have a history. Once upon a time, we used to play soccer together and now we’ve reconnected through Instagram! The one thing I’ve always appreciated about Meg is how upfront and honest she is. It’s so easy to paint a “rosy picture” on Instagram that your life is perfect. I love seeing the realness behind people and Meg does that. She also lives in Kelowna so of course I love supporting those in my community. Here are some interesting tidbits Meg has shared about her business.

My name is Megan, but everyone calls me Meg. I love connecting! You can visit my business website at or on Instagram at @onepeakcreative. My personal blog/podcast site is and my Instagram is @themegproject!

I follow @stuffwithsvet because I love supporting local – and we’re both from Kelowna! I’m also a sucker for people who really utilize stories – it’s such a great way to connect with your audience!

I run a creative agency with my fiancée called One Peak. One Peak is a boutique creative agency specializing in photography, video, graphic design and social media. We started the business back in 2015, transitioning out of comfy corporate marketing jobs, into the unknown of entrepreneurship. Scary! We have the privilege of working with clients all over Canada, from Vancouver to Toronto, with a key focus in the event, entertainment, and tourism industries. No day is the same, which is what I love most! I could be styling a stadium burger for a food photoshoot one day, and designing graphics for an Instagram story the next – it definitely keeps things interesting!

I use Instagram everyday with my clients – whether I am managing their company’s channel or simply providing them with on-brand content (photos and captions). I love how Instagram has totally shifted the online marketing space. It makes marketing fun, creative and accessible for literally anyone! Personally, I love using the app to share my own photography portfolio, to connect with other creatives, and to get the word out about my podcast, The Meg Project. If you haven’t listened, definitely hit that link in my bio!

If you are an adventure junkie like me, my favorite Instagram accounts to follow are definitely @rachelbarkman, @itsbigben and @vancitywild. If you’re into healthy recipes, check out @frommybowl and @minimalistbaker – their pages are beautiful! I also always try to follow all of the top businesses and tourism channels in my city – keeps me up to speed with what it going on in the community!

Taking that first leap into my business was probably the most important or memorable part of my business journey so far. Landing my dream job at 21 and then deciding to leave it only after two years was a tough call. I definitely could have seen myself working there forever. It was the hardest and scariest decision I’ve ever had to make.

Beginning our business was definitely tough. We had to learn everything on the go and scramble to find clients (we pretty much jumped at any opportunity that came our way). Luckily, I had Glen by my side who was super supportive, I couldn’t have done it without him! Even though it was tough at the start, I learned so much in those first few months.  And that’s actually why I started my entrepreneur-focused podcast. To hopefully inspire others that you can literally do ANYTHING you want (even if it seems a little unconventional).

I don’t want to use the phrase “worst times” as I don’t think I’ve met the worst times in my life yet. But – with running a business I do have stressful times! And to cope with that I love meditating, journaling, reading or taking a hot bath!

I think what makes me stand out from other businesses is the fact that we are a team of two. It definitely turns some heads! We serve over 50 clients just the two of us! We’ve got it down to a science though – where we can deliver the same amount of attention to every client no matter how big or small the account is. We’ve also got a speedy project turn around, which is why I think we work so well in the events industry. Things happen fast, and being accommodating on short timelines is super appreciated by our clients!

If I were to have a 5-year goal with my business it would be to just to keep having fun with it! I never want to wake up dreading to go to work. As long as I love my job, I’ll feel fulfilled!

Somebody I think that should be featured on the Who’s Out There? Series is Jasmine of @Humblewildflower. She has a super amazing journey and a beautiful business! I think she would be an awesome addition!

Thank you for having me on the Who’s Out There? SERIES!!!

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