How to Dress Warm AND Stylish in the Winter

Where my snow suit at???

Coming from a girl who lives in Canada, I hate winter and being cold. I always loved summer fashion way more because the options are endless! Dresses, skirts, onesies, shorts, you name it.

Winter, on the other hand, is harder to dress for as options for clothes are way more limiting. You can attempt to look cute but freeze your butt off in doing so, or look like a hobo with 10 layers on. You do the math.

What if you want both without sacrificing the other?

Let me make it easy for you so you can dress warm without sacrificing your style.

Check out my 5 tips:

  1. Scarves/blanket scarves

Big oversized scarves are amazing. I own so many so I can quickly grab one and wrap it around me and be off. I try to have all the neutrals such as black, grey, cream etc. But I also own some patterned/colored ones as well in case I want to spice up an outfit. I’m a big fan of a good scarf!

2. Toques or Beanies

Let your headwear steal the show! There are so many cute toques out there with little pom poms, quotes, or designs. Throwing on one of these instantly makes you look like a little snow bunny plus saves a bad hair day.

3. Ear Muffs

I love an adorable pair of ear muffs. They keep your ears so warm and at the same time, you look so cozy and cute. Who doesn’t want that?!

4. A Great Winter Coat

Every woman should own a great, stylish winter jacket. One that will do the job of keeping you warm but is still fashionable. I love this one I have on as it’s thick but still super trendy.

5. Uggs

I know most people have a love/hate relationship towards uggs but I personally swear by them. You’re probably wondering, Jenna…uggs aren’t fashionable. Yes, they can look sloppy, but I believe if you wear them right, they can look chic. I always pair mine with leggings and a slouchy kind of coat for a more casual winter look. Plus, I keep mine in good condition so they don’t look worn out. If you’re wearing baggy sweat pants and a sweat shirt and throw on a pair that are super old, that is when uggs begin to look sloppy. Love or hate it, I love a good pair of uggs.

There we have it. Just because it’s freezing out, doesn’t mean we have to give up our style.

Stay warm out there!!

-Jenna xoxo

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