BC Tree Fruits Cider + Summer Staples

Sun and warm weather make everyone gravitate to the usuals. Rose, white wine, coolers, and craft beer. Those oldies but goodies are great. But if you are in the mood for something clean, refreshing and almost “healthy”…try a crisp apple cider.

In the Okanagan valley, located in the beautiful province of British Columbia, apple orchards grow everywhere. It was only a matter of time before these backyard apples would be used to create delicious blends of hard ciders. The BC Tree Fruit Company created their first cider line under the name Broken Ladder. Their first flavor was ‘Apple‘…and it so happens to be my favorite. It’s just the classic, not too sweet, easy sipper type of drink. Broken Ladder ciders are made from 100% BC fruit, picked from local orchards. BC Tree Fruits add no artificial flavors or refined sugars to their ciders and apples of course, are naturally gluten free. How cool is that?

My second most favorite flavor just came out this last year – the ‘Rose‘!!! Cider and rose into one? Brilliant I tell you. This particular flavor is very fruity with notes of hibiscus and cherry. Again, I love that it is sweeter but it’s not too sweet. This is the perfect patio drink for a Kelowna summer. Other flavors that are offered are ‘Pears & Peaches’ and ‘Apples & Hops’.

BC Tree Fruits Company brews their ciders right here in Kelowna, BC! But not to worry if you aren’t from Kelowna, Broken Ladder ciders can be found and enjoyed at various pubs, restaurants and purchased at liquor stores.

If you are passing through town, I highly recommend you checking out the cidery’s tasting room – the staff are super knowledgeable and the fresh cider is available to sample.

This month, BC Tree Fruits is running a summer campaign called “Summer Staples“. Canada’s number one summer staple is cherries! I am a BIG Fruit person so I love my cherries.

One of my favorite activities in the summer time is biking down to the beach with friends. I love packing some snacks, some chilled ciders, and just hanging out at the beach.

Check out the video below!

So what is your summer staple?

Let BC Tree Fruits know at www.summerstaples.ca for a chance to win a trip to the Grey Cup, Canada’s Football Championship!

All you need to do to enter is your name, your email, and your favorite summer staple! Contest closes Aug 4th!

Good luck and happy cider drinking! And please remember to drink responsibly!

-Jenna xoxo

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