How To Stay Motivated While Growing Your Business

When building a business, there can be a lot of high’s and low’s. Every single day is different, some days are great while some aren’t so great. Especially when you are just starting out and there typically isn’t a lot of cash flow rolling in on day one. I mean, unless you’re a magician.

It takes time and patience and the journey can be challenging! Now, let’s talk about how to stay motivated while growing your small business!

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Here are 6 ways to stay motivated while building your small business:

1. Celebrating the wins

This can be your first email subscriber, your first Pinterest re-pin, your first sale, your first client, your first 5 star review, etc.

Note all of these ways your work has paid off and recognize them as an accomplishment!

2. Money is a great motivator

Duh, that’s why we’re all here lol.

With owning a business, there is no fixed amount of money you can make which can be a blessing and a curse. With a regular 9-5, you know exactly what you’re making every two weeks. There is some comfort knowing how much you’re going to make and a lot of people like that guaranteed income. But in the same breath, it doesn’t matter if you work extra hard one week, that amount stays the same.

When you’re working for yourself, the sky’s the limit and you have the potential to earn as much as you want to.

3. Invest in your business

If you are dumping money into your business, chances are you won’t quit. Well you can, but chances are if you are spending all this money on your business, you won’t get up and quit when things gets hard.

This has definitely worked for me, as I’ve purchased my laptop, hosting website, web developer fees, assistant, and camera, just to name a few.

Investing keeps you more committed to your business.

4. Surround yourself with like minded people

It really helps when you talk to other business owners. You will feed off their energy and it will help you. Also, ask them how they stay motivated! Maybe they have some tricks up their sleeves or routines that will work for you.

5. Keep it customer-centric

Depending on what your business model is, if you are solving a problem for your customers and do a good job at it, chances are they will give you validation. They will rave about you, write great reviews, and pass on your company name to other potential customers.

Knowing you’re making a difference in your community will make you feel good and keep you motivated.

6. Remind yourself what your why is

Why did you start this business?

Was it so you could spend more time with your family? So you could pursue something you are passionate about? Take vacation when you want? Have more financial freedom? Was it so you can be in control and call the shots?

Whatever the reason is, remind yourself and it will help you overcome your challenges.

I hope these ideas help you stay motivated! Running a successful business is a lot of work, but those that are successful are good at doing all these things listed above.

How do you keep yourself motivated when the going gets tough? Send me a message and let me know if you want to chat!

-Jenna xoxo

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