Why you need to BRAND your Instagram

Whether you’re a service provider, blogger or any kind of business, you most likely use social media, specifically Instagram.

Instagram is one of the leading social platforms to use in 2022. Therefore, BRANDING your Instagram is so important and it is something you should be doing to market your business. Essentially, your Instagram grid is your online store front. Your first 12 images are so important as that is what followers and potential customers see. You want to have a beautiful, aesthetic instagram to draw your customers in.

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So how do you brand your Instagram? Let’s dive in!

Profile Photo

If you’re a business, use your logo. If you are your brand, then use a photo of yourself or whatever makes the most sense for your Instagram. If it’s a photo of yourself, make sure it’s a good quality photo, centred, and preferably a headshot. Also avoid using a “trendy” photo but rather a professional one.

Highlight Covers

Highlights are great because they allow you to permanently save stories to your profile so that your audience can access them at any time. When choosing the covers, go for a professional clean look and use your brand colours. Don’t worry if you’re not a graphic designer as you can easily make the covers through a platform like Canva.

Brand Colours

Speaking of brand colours, having designated colours will help with the visual identity of your brand, as well as brand awareness and association. I recommend sticking with two to three colours that are complimentary to the style of your brand. My brand colours are grey, pink, and white.


Determine your overall aesthetic. How do you set up your grid? Do you use templates? Do you use graphics?

You want to stick to the same consistent filter. If your feed is bright and airy, stick with bright and airy. If you’re dark and moody, stick with dark and moody.

What kind of content are you posting? Is it more artistic or is it more graphic heavy?

Brand Voice

Determine what kind of verbiage you use. What is your key messaging? Do you speak in first person? How do you want to come across on your Instagram?

Instagram is a visual platform so making your brand aesthetic and recognizable is super important. This is what makes your Instagram come to life. Save this blog post for later so you can apply it to your Instagram!

-Jenna xoxo

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